The new Ducati Superquadro engine

the engine that will power the new 1199 Panigale

From Ducati:

_195 hp
_4.41 in (112 mm) bore diameter
_Full and indipendent RbW system
_2.66 in (67.5mm) equivalent diameter oval throttle body
_Twin injectors for each throttle body
_Feeding and delivery gerotor oil pumps for vacuum effect
_Crankshaft on shell bearing for enhanced stiffness

_Nikasil coated aluminum wet liners
_Decompressor device on both cylinder heads
_Inlet titanium valves
_Magnesium sump cover, head covers and clutch covers
_Plastic gears (tecno polimeri) for oil and water drive

_Integrated design for engine & vehicle: the new Superquadro engine is a fully stressed member of the chassis
_Racing oriented pistons: double ribbed and RR58 alloy
_Secondary Air System
_New chain drive timing system
_Slipper and self-servo wet clutch
_New gearbox: increased dimension between shaft centers for increased strength

sounds very interesting !