The NEC Show. A Good day

Well we went, we saw and we got lots of free things and got stuff we had to pay for! lol
Myself, Mr Green and Terry6RR did all we could in the day. We looked at all the 600’s and the 1000’s and made our thoughts known to anyone who would listen to us. I wasn’t sure about the new R6. The fronts a bit ugly for me but I’m a true Suzuki convert so at the moment nothings better than them. It amazes me that they produce the goods year on year and as far as i can see they have another class leading 6 and the 750 is just better still.

For me the colours are a bit staid on all the new bikes this year, with alot of Black or variations of black on all the manufacturers bikes. At least Yamaha are trying with the R6 in a cracking white and red and the R1 nicely done in Rossi yellow. That did look nice.

Honda had a nice range and the Team were all agreed that the Blade still looked great, subtle changes and some mechanical alterations but moving an already fantastic bike forward.

Kawasaki had a good stand and Mr Green likes the 10R but im not convinced. Those cans don’t seem right to me and i prefer the '04 version. But its all down to personal preference at the end of the day and everyone has their own opinions. It made for great banter all the same as we examined all the details.

One of the main reasons for the visit for me was to get proper ear plugs made and i did get that done. I was surprised how simple the process was and it literally took about ten minutes to complete. Not uncomfortable at all, although a bit cold in your ear! But now i will have a custom made ear plug that fits my ear perfectly. Hearings important and i felt that the cost £59, was not too dear when you consider that you need your hearing.
I went for a mixed shade of clear and blue so hopefully when i get them they should look pretty good. The extra shade cost a fiver more but look more unique.
The best thing is that they should remain sserviceable for at least four years and i can re-order new plugs simply by sending them the moulds again. So long term I feel that a savings gonna be made.

I also bought a new helmet! OK a minor weakness but id wanted it and ccouldn’tget a deal anywhere until i happened on the Crescent Rizla Team. Its the Arai Corsair Reynolds Celebration helmet that JR wore in his last race in the 04 Championship. Silver and yellow. Id been after one for ages and when i passed the Crescent Rizla stand i saw that they had one. The best part was that the technician from the race team custom fitted the helmet to my head. I was stunned. I was lead into the Rizla Race truck where the interior of the new helmet was removed and different foams were tried. We eventually arrived at the ideal amount of padding and the helmet reassembled. I watched all this with great interest as this was the first time id ever witnessed that kind of thourough work. The guy knew his stuff! All the racers helmets are custom fitted this way and this guy had worked on Reynolds actual helmet too. I felt that i was getting privileged treatment! The cheek pads have been kept as the technician is going to specially modify them to a more accurate fitting for me and then send them to me by courier. hes also making another set for my other Corsair so that should fit better too. All this service was completely free of charge. And I was seriously impressed. He also gave me a Arai kit bag. A proper Arai race visor which he said is specially treated for the race team and i got lots of Rizla stuff too. I was very pleased. Hopefully ill have it all back together soon and ill be able to try the new helmet and ear plugs at the same time. Its gonna be a nice ride!

Links for the ear plugs. From Ultimate Ear.

Links for Crescent Performance.

Links for our site and forum, Team Citrus Racing.

Heres some pictures of the day. ‘Mr Green’ has more and should be posting up some soon.

My new lid. Corsair Reynolds Celebration! 'ave it!

Me and Terry6RR on the bus back.

Me getting my ears done! That is cold!

Mr Green getting his knob down… :wink:

Yello 'aving a Buell moment! I like 'em!

Great pics Richard! But MAN, I’m so dissapointed, the JR lid has been my favourite for a while now, and I’ve gone and missed the boat, I knew I should have got it earlier! Now Cezar is getting one as well, ruining it! The Arai website is so diabolical that i can’t bring myself to look at it, with it’s limited range and broken image links, bleh, not befitting of such a good brand, at all.

The custom fitting is a great turnout for the books. Did you see anything that you liked in the truck? I’d probably have started drooling and needed to be led away quietly, if I went in there.

Its a cracking lid i can tell you. Thats three now…i may have a collection thing going on!

  1. Hayden Red Corsair Arai

  2. Arai Astro R Reynolds GB Flag, normal colours

  3. Arai Corsair Reynolds Celebration!! WOOHOO!!

Gawd im gonna miss old JR…

re. the Race truck. Oh yes! I do remember seeing a box of rear sets, just laying about…Yoshimura anyone?

great choice of helmet mate!