The Maxijak

Well Dave I do not suffer from meekness or humble condition or wish to show a low estimate of my own importance so I won’t go there, thanks for the suggestion.
Best regards

I know nothing about spannering but I’ve been in client facing positions on multi-million quid contracts and I would never jump down a potential customer’s throat.

Try something like:

Thanks NT for your comments. It’s always interesting to hear feedback from a fellow engineer. Your suggestion (and Serrisan’s) concerning support legs is interesting and something we will have a look at in future developments. In the meanwhile we welcome any other feedback or comments and will be delighted to extend a discount to LB members. Please get in touch for further details. Happy riding everyone.

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You’re right Michael but MB won’t take it on board as he has a crummy attitude as amply demonstrated by his first reply to NT.

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Lets be honest in re-fitting the rear wheel you used unnecessary and excessive force and all excuses aside you made a simple job look very awkward. Now just to be perfectly clear I do not claim that a piece of board and a block of wood is the best tool for the job, nor will I concede that a Maxijak is the best tool for the job. In fact I readily admit in the right hands each is probably as good, safe and sound as the other, however, I will ask readers to note I have no pieces of board or blocks of wood to sell.

There has been much good advise given you in this thread but all you seem to be focusing on is running others and their time tested methods down. Not a very good way to promote yourself or your product is it?

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Boy what a great bunch of people, all I tried to do was offer a discount on a product that has been well tried and tested by some top Mechanics/Technicians in the trade who think it’s a great tool and now use it all the time.
One can always produce a singing dancing tool with all the attachments that ends up so expensive no body would pay the price. I invented a simple inexpensive unit that made the job easy and safe, if people can’t see that then there is not a lot I can say.
Questions about the product can be most welcome and answered as I can assure you every angle and possibility was looked at when designing it and at the same time taking cost into account. I did not make the offer on here expecting to be abused and when one is abused one often acts accordingly.
NT was the one that lost things from the start not me with what he said having no idea of me or my background. I think this has now run it’s course don’t you folks.

Just to reply to you NT think what you said, it somebody called you what you called me because I need to sometimes use a Mallet to tap something because of my hand problems you would not be very happy. Now move to excessive force the next thing you will be saying is I was using a sledge hammer.
TAPPING the spindle in that is all I was doing PLEASE.

The video is out there for all to see and what I said was based on what I saw. Your reaction was completely unfounded.

Boy you don’t stop it was obvious that you wanted to criticise the Maxijak in the first place because of your love of a bit of wood and somebody had come up with a good idea, as you could not criticise the tool , you had to have a go at me. Don’t worry about it there are a lot out there that see the merits of the Maxijak if you don’t and does your opinion of how I personally did something really matter, I think not.

I only criticised the unnecessary and excessive use of force and how the job was made to look so very awkward.

and just to ensure that criticism was constructive I offered advice on a technique to easily align the rear wheel using an extra bolt, advice I’d have thought you would have been appreciative of given your arthritides but no, you muddle on regardless.

That is a bold comment from someone who has come on board and taken NT’s comments completely out of context!

You have literally ignored the fact that everyone that has responded has said you’re over reacting (for the record I think you are also), but you are the one that continues to try and put everyone else right.

Would you react like this in the boardroom of Halfords when trying to get this in the stores? if they said I use a bit of wood, or they saw the video and said this guy is making a meal of it?

I don’t change the wheels on my bike anymore but back in the day I used too, and as NT, I found a way that worked for me, but, if I wanted something like this, now knowing the inventor of the product takes such offence on someone offering constructive criticism, then, that is the service I could expect should I have an issue and that really is as simple as it is.

Remember, these pages are now on Google, so people researching your product are going to see how you are going to treat them.

Best of luck, but on the basis of above “I’m out”

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Looks quite handy.
Let us know when they become available.

Hi Longshanks As soon as the stock arrives I will do, really appreciate your interest and will offer you a good discount.
Best regards

Hope you feel you have had the last word

Last word NT

Apparently not :rofl:

A dog with a bone, springs to mind.

One could only hope

Who are the top mechanics and technicians in the trade who think it is great and use it all the time? You should get their testimonials online and have blurbs advertised.

One is a seriously large main dealer whos’ workshop technicians/mechanics have never taken a wheel out without the Maxijak since they had it. The other is a top Technician/mechanic who now runs his own business and there were previous ones when I last had the web site running with testimonials on it from others, so I should have a few.
Once web site is up and running I plan to get testimonials on there and thanks for your positive comment, very much appreciated

I know this is an old topic but I am trying to get hold of a Maxijack. I’ve had one for years and someone saw me using it and wants one too. Any help would be appreciated.