The Mark and Ang club

I’m in…sign me up :smiley:

Can anyone join? :Whistling:

One armband or two? :slight_smile:

I used to have disciples what ever happened to them. :smiley:

Lead me riding god

The People’s Front of Judea…Splitters!

JPF all the way

You could be on to something there Miss Plum. I’ll get some stickers made up. :smiley:

But whatever happened to the Popular Front?

All these splits will only cause infighting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t that absorbed into the Tooting Popular Front :ermm:

Ten commandments?

1: Thou shalt not grow facial hair deemed offensive by Ang
2: Thou shalt tuck braces into trousers and not wear as intended
3: Thou shalt never ride pillion unless thou steed hath died a honourable death
4: Thou shalt covet the Lambretta Series 2 :w00t:
5: …

looks like I’m out on count 1 then!

I just thought you hadn’t cleaned up properly after your last bike dismantling operation. :hehe:

that’s a valid but separate issue

Is this a ‘keys in the fruit bowl’ type of club?

No definitely not…that a Jets club :wink:


Mark aint got a bowl big enough for all his keys :smiley:

Can I have some nice Member number like 5 or 13 or 47?