The Malle Mile Motorcycle Race 2020

Is anyone going to this? It’s popped out of nowhere to me, never heard of it. Looks like a right laugh. Tempted to enter a race myself on the DR-Z!

Now in its 5th year

@B you should enter the Grom!

@NAPA121 went last year and enjoyed it.
I know a few others that have been, mostly good feedback.

This looks pretty bad ass. Who has signed up to go?

@pricetta and I are going on Sunday!

Don’t forget the ear plugs

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@pricetta and I went. I geeked out on the custom bikes and the hill climb looked like fun. I’m definitely interested in entering a Team LB next year! Anyone interested in joining me? :mountain_biking_man: :mountain_biking_woman: :100: :dash:

Some photos…


Happy Days