The longest thread on LB

So, the Word Association thread has 322 pages as of Saturday July 26, 2008.

Does anyone reckon we can beat it? :smiley:

I’ll kick off with a topic: has anyone noticed a sudden abundance of super motos around? I must’ve seen at least ten today - it’s just today, mind! Last week, zilch…

hmmm someone’s bored lol :smiley:

those moto’s are everywhere give us bikers a bad name:D string um all up i say;)

yea those super-retards are like rats :stuck_out_tongue:

I am bored! Off for an early ride tomorrow, so I can’t go out on the razz this evening…

Good of you to indulge me. Hehe!

I’ve seen a fair few Harleys today, too. They didn’t nod. :angry:

strange thing is ya only see 675’s on the back of AA trucks:P or doing 70 in a 40 zone:D

i have noticed that also:ermm:

Speaking as a person of an older disposition, Street Moto’s rock. You lay off the dickheads.

Parking your brain on a shelf while riding a decent Street Moto is essential. Blimey, I miss mine.

Of course, it would be quite irresponsible of me to condone…

I think the longest thread might be the ‘Mole’s so sexy’ thread…sorry, I mean ‘the last person to post is sexy thread’:w00t::w00t::D:D it’s at 370 pages!!:w00t:

Mole you keep forgetting i`m the sexiest on that thread.


You are bloody not…:stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t posted on it yet. Wouldn’t want to make you all feel bad.

suave smile

To be all boring and technical - just because the last person to post is sexy, doesn’t mean that A) they’re the sexi est , or B) the previous fifty trillion who posted aren’t sexy!

I reckon the best candidate for “longest thread ever” would be to have a “previous person to post is ugly” thread…