The legend meet 14.09.14.

Sooo…14th September! The day when I’m allowed to ride my beast :ermm:

So I thought as I still have to organise the meet for the legends that helped me with my prom, I thought I’ll do it this way: on the 14th (Sunday) organise a rideout from high beach tea hut (90%) in the morning to a certain place where we would get to about at 4pm to have a BBQ as a thanks from me!

Of course 125 welcome!

I’m still unsure of where the ending location will be so any suggestions welcome!

It will be the whole day btw so if your in then you’re in!

Depending on what time you want to meet in the Morning, 4pm is a VERY long ride, and to be honest, after a ride of that length the last thing I want to do is still be out and having a BBQ, I just want to go home and crash out on the Sofa!

I think maybe a 2 hour or so ride heading back to Hainult forest (or a likewise destination) for the BBQ may be a better option. I would say the best ride for this would be…Meet at Tea Hut High Beach @11:30am for a 12pm departure.Nice ride out to Finchingfield (Arrive around 1:30pm)Tea & Muffin on green outside Boswellshead back to Hainult forest for BBQ (Your Mum, Stepdad & Brothers/sisters can join us too that way)Arrive Hainult Forest around 3pmChill out in the Park for a bitBBQ Time 4pm!!!

You’re right Sam

That sounds like a bit more structured plan :smiley:

I’ve never been on a ride so I guess it will be better if you people make all the decisions as I honestly have no clue where to go and all that stuff!

What’s the route to finchingfield like?

It’s great. lovely twisty roads and long enough to be an enjoying ride but still short enough for us Oldies to still have energy at the end :slight_smile:

Not sure what it would be like on a scooter as the roads are pretty twisty.

Don’t worry about me :slight_smile:

There will be snacks and drink at the start and at the 2nd stop so everyone has plenty energy and the at the end the BBQ

I still have to figure out where to get a massive BBQ

Here’s the Route to Finchingfield from the Tea Hut,0.381775&spn=0.493,0.883026&iwloc=000501746c877c04aa97f

Looks good to me :slight_smile:

Also, before anyone asks, yes even if you wasn’t at my prom ride out you are aloud to come :smiley: but seriously everyone welcome
DangerousB I’m expecting to see you :wink:

For the love of god! ‘Allowed’! I thought you’d just graduated! :wink:

To be honest I think the autocorrect should be called autofuckup

Sam. Taking someone to learn to ride a scooter on the road to Finchingfield with a group on their first day outshines all your previous brainwaves. Congratulations.

Couple of laps of the local B and Q car park to get the hang of it and he’ll be fine :Whistling:


Not sure what you mean by that (please elaborate), and in my opinion I don’t see a 125 scooter on a first ride out as any different to a CBR125 or the like on their first ride out and there has been numerous ones of those on the ride to Finchingfield. we had 2 of them this weekend that went much further and all was fine!

and, Arthur isn’t “Learning” to ride a scooter, he has had a scooter in the past and will have taken a Test, which in my eyes put’s him a level above your Average 16 year old first time out scootah rider.


If someone on a scooter as a first ride out is anymore dangerous than someone on a 1000cc first ride out then I stand corrected. Surely it’s about how the person rides and not what he rides :slight_smile:

I’ve met Arthur a few times and he seems like a sensible Lad, so if I thought he was going to be a Scootah Boi who pops wheelies and rides with his Helmet unstrapped perched on his forehead I wouldn’t have suggested it as I wouldn’t put myself and others at risk of being taken out by him!

But, we all have our own opinions, be a bloody boring place if we didn’t :smiley:

Haha I’m not a retard or a chav an I won’t show up wearing my Adidas tracksuit bottoms with my white reebok trainers and a hoodie innit :smiley:

In all seriousness I’m not planning to be trying to keep up with big bikes propably on our first way I will ignore everyone around me and just get used to the scooter again but yeah don’t expect to see me pull wheelies or do silly stuff!!

I’ll probably wake up early that morning and get out for a trip to the tea hut just to get my confidence back :slight_smile:

riding a scooter to finchingfield doesnt require a particular set of skills, to be honest.

this was not really a rideout as we intended in any case, its the first ride that Arthur wants to take with us to celebrate the fact that he can finally ride. so if it has to be done at 50mph, then we bloody hell will Mr J. i suggest you join in, you might enjoy it.

Can there be a better birthday celebration than go for a ride :slight_smile:

I’d like to see you stick to a constant 50mph without overtaking the group and the lead rider!!! Never going to happen :w00t::laugh:

I actually need numbers now! So if you are coming 100% (even if it’s raining) then just post yes as I’ll have to buy the food (I guess 2 burgers and a few hot dogs each will be enough)

The ride is what Sam said