The LB Exclusive Trackday! 9th July!

Brands Hatch Indy - 9th July!

Join Us!

After the success of the last LB trackday at our local circuit; Brands Hatch in April (despite the rain), we’re psyched to be able have another, and at the best time of year! This time though we have the track exclusively for ourselves, as opposed to it being open to all like last time. This means you need to be a member to sign-up. New members are welcome though.Full Details + Booking Info: is welcome, whether you can come on track or not and regardless of the bike you ride. The event is on a Wednesday, so we’ll be changing the weekly-meet location to the circuit, which isn’t far from central-london. The circuit will have open the infamous Kentagon pub for us to have drinks and bar-food in the evening, so folks can come down after work as per normal.We’re really privledged to be able to do this, this isn’t something other communities can do or without significant cost. We can only do this because you’ve all made LB so popular and such a great place to make new friends and have great rides at.So, treat yourself, and your bike, and book a place on the trackday. Because it’s in July and therefore pretty much guaranteed great weather, we expect places to sell out fairly quickly like it did last time, so let everyone know and hit the link above to book your place. Check out the trackdays galleries for a hint at what goes on:

good work jay - i’m in. will sort the booking a bit later

sort your rubber out this time!

I am in…

I’m a bit nervous to attend my first track day. Although I was driving round Brands on four wheels yesterday and it would be good to do it on two too.

I’m assuming I’d need to buy some new leathers that zip together all the way round as mine only have a zip at the back?

Anything else I need to think about, tyres etc?

I’ll be there !

Checking schedules…but definitely will attend if possible. Need to show Ben how much faster than an R1 a 600 gixer can go round Brands… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :P** The above statement is made on the assumption of a sunny day, if raining then I shall get quietly back into my box having seen him on wets at the last one :blush:

i will be there, not sure if on track but i can get some great pics of u all !! i will be ur “pit bitch” for the day !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Saying that? i might just change me mind and get out there with u all…had such a blast last time and the weather will be brill this time round…just that im off on hols week or so after this and im kinda bottling it cos i dont want anything to happen BEFORE i go away (not that i want it to of course…but hey, you never know…yeh i know…scaredy cat n all that)…:wink:

OOhh soo tempted for my first trackday. But I’ll have to buy leathers as well… gonna be a £600 day at least even if I do get to use the leathers the rest of the time as well…

so tempting…

Count me in

last track day i bought some new boots for £30 and borrowed some leathers,
it means i can afford to do this one as well :slight_smile:

Hmmm got boots, borrow leathers and someone else’s bike to trash and we have a cunning plan :smiley:

track bike isnt fixed yet so might not be able to make this one

OMG thats my Birthday! im definitely gonna be there!!!

I’ll be there if my wife is not given birth to our first!!

I’ll be there - not sure what bike yet. This could be a very expensive day… :w00t:

+£100 :D:D:D

A new bike coming soon???

I would have been up for this if I wasn’t already booked in for Oulton Park the same day. :satisfied:


There wasn’t going to be, but if I can’t blag a demo (there is a possibility) then there shall have to be!