The latest craze - Nutscapes

How many of you have seen the new craze called “nutscapes”? I’ll let you check their website before you thank me!
(don’t forget to read the “Howto” if the images don’t make much sense at first :D)

That concept has made me chuckle, new one on me. All these lovely views, just with a little interruption…:slight_smile:

Remarkable. The one with the cows looking back in disgust is probably my favourite, although I am not sure that I’ll be following for regular updates…

when i think human idiocy has reached its limit…there comes something even worse.


I heard about it yesterday.
I would dearly like to unhear it.


Waits eagerly for


On dear, not looking forward to the next Jetstream ride, the views are always awesome.

Ha Haaaaaaaa^^^^^^^^^

I await Sundays photo instalment with more than the usual level of trepidation.

Who fancies a ride to Nutsford?

Well surprise surprise we’ll be passing Knutsford tomorrow as we’re mowing this weekend. However despite the suggestions we won’t be taking part in any of this nonsense.

There would be no room on the photos for the view.

Those pictures are easier to take the older you get.

How lucky you lot are, due to it being the end of half term, Mrs J refused to return via Knutsford, inflicting physical violence on my forehead and uttering the phrase:- “I`m not having your nadgers exposed on LB”
All because I wanted to drop my pants in Knutsford services.

I think JC started something… :slight_smile: