The Jetstreams....

Its been bugging the fuck out of me on who thy remind me of…than…BLAM!!!..ive finally nailed it…
christ sakes…i cant beleive it took me this long!!!:w00t:


Ooooooooooo dangerous ground there smiled :smiley:

You said ****, can we say **** now with out the word **** getting replced by lordy or something ******* stupid?


hahhaha. bit of a tight rope walk there;) :smiley:

oh mate. EPIC

They are on my back like a savage diseased dog!

Thanks for taking the heat off!

Oooh smileds sailing very close to the wind with that one pmsl:w00t:

they started it with that bullshit comment about me not being a handsom chappie and me walking around with a matchstick between me legs…

see now…this is war…

you should of seen mr jetstreams boatrace when he saw the vid…was classic;)…


Oh. Big mistake there to declare war.

One or both is or are bloody quick with the cutting remark or the instant put-down.

I’d keep my head well below the parapet for a while if I were you.


Sorry Shane, bit of a double standard there mate :wink:

Still mate- Genie’s Arse.

Nah, can’t see it meself :wink: I reckon the Jetstreams make that couple look like a Nun and a Monk having a cup of tea at the Church Fete. You’ve got to come up with a bit more of an X rated revenge than that and stick it in the Adult section.:wink: Or challenge Mr Jets to a duel in the car park of the Ace. I will come and watch:D:D

I’m staying out of this but… is that in fact you in the vid there Smiled?


hahahaha. GAME ON :D:D:P

It should indeed be served cold, as in in the chilly car park of the Ace Cafe, with Ringside Tickets on sale (with discounts for LB - ers)P

It seems we now have a Duel, in the Ace Car Park or an Alternative Suitable Venue, between Mr Smiled and Mr or Mrs Jets. The aim of this Duel will be to prove that Smiled is indeed a Handsome Young Man and is not in possesion of any matchsticks in his private areas and also to prove that the Jetstreams are A Listers and are far more sophisticated and wild in their tastes than the Z list youtube video couple, as posted by the said Mr Smiled.

I have had to type very slowly this evening, after a couple of hours in the local with a pal in which I exceeded my Units, as dictated by the UK Government. :smiley:

sounds like you had a perfect end to the week then Hels,p.s I typed this slow for you so you could read it:D

Slow down, I can’t keep up :crazy::stuck_out_tongue:

Oh crikey, can we move this thread to the Adult Section!:sick: