The, helmetless, future of biking?

I’m not sold on it, but give it 50 years and it could be what everyone wants… 

lol will never work!!

when some idiot in a lorry pulls out and the only think to stop your face is the side of his lorry…

I don’t get why you wouldn’t need a helmet. I don’t wear a helmet incase the bike falls over, I wear it in case I fall off the bike

The bloke on the video suggests it would only be safe if all vehicles were autonomous, so presumably the bike would need to be as well?

Yes I believe that is the case… that this concept makes it safe when all vehicles communicate with each other. I think they are implying that if you find yourself on an open & empty road, you can really push it without worrying if you’re going to bin it on a corner…

Yes this is very forward looking but that’s the whole point, trying to visualise 50 years into the future… As for ‘it will never work’, they said the same thing about self driving cars 20 years ago and they’re slowly becoming a reality

Good luck getting hit by a bee At 50mph +… Or a Stone…

Daft…simple as that.

At least BMW are at the vanguard of innovation, they are set to be a major player for a long time coming.

Though Wildboy had a good point, bees and stones won’t be part of the “smart” future.

Let’s see how well the Star Trek glasses stay on your head at 90 too.

Clearly this is a concept- I don’t think anyone thinks the tech will present exactly as it does in the concept.

Not a problem - You won’t be able to go 90 because your smart bike will be doing the driving.

Not a problem - You won't be able to go 90 because your smart bike will be doing the driving.
Plus the speed limit is 70, so no one ever drives faster than that...

What’s with the tyres on that thing? Have they discovered something about the grip that the current tyre manufacturers don’t know?

Even with assisted braking you’d need to be belted onto the thing. Bonkers. It’s bad enough with people with car licences never having ridden a proper bike, hopping onto one of those horrible Piaggio three wheelers and thinking they’re invincible.

People chill… it’s a concept!!!

There are good concepts, and then there is this…

Id hate to ride without a helmet, my head would not smell in summer and in winter Id have to stop too often to avoid brain freeze.