The Great BMWK1200R!

I’ve been to a couple of LB meets and am a regular at the Ace and have never seen another K12R rider out there. I ride everyday and bomb around central London too and, no, I’ve never seen another K12R wizz by either. I get so many questions whenever I’m parked up about this awesome bike and it would be nice to know if there’s anyone else out there willing to spread the word. It’s more powerful than the 'Busa I traded in when I bought it and yet everyone is surprised when I tell them… K12R riders- phone home!

k12r is a great looking bike achtung (is it the naked version?) looks like something out of Mad Max. I must admit BMW’s have been getting very funky and desirable lately - if I got one it would be a naked k12r in black. It looks like a heavy bike - is it easy to hustle in traffic - or do you feel the weight/size? :wink:

that is my dream (and hopefully) next bike!! i just love the look of it and have seen two near my work… I often go and drool on the one parked infront of a CafeNero (wont say more so it doesnt get nicked) :wink:

sorry if thats yours! :w00t:

Ah cool! You wont be disappointed when you get one. They’re not exactly sports 600 machines but they’re surprisingly flickable and there’s so much torque and power that it can make you a bit of a lazy rider. And they look like they’ve been designed by aliens on coke- which is always a good thing to have in a bike design!

Hopefully see you tearing up the street soon!

i once met a fella on one of them at the ace but he was a prop’a nob & errr…

O yeh it was you:D:P :hehe:

only joking fella:) cool gs ya got;):smiley: