The fun police have a great idea

I had to wait 10 minutes because I was laughing so hard. Locks on bike don’t stop scrotes, do they really think trackers will?

This was before I get really angry at the idea of us bikers having a ‘barcode’ on our necks. I’m 73 now, I’ve been biking since I was 16. It’s hard to believe this bollocks still continues after decades and decades.


It smacks of being a token statement by someone on an election platform, that wouldn’t go anywhere.
But if course it’s not about preventing theft and is all about monitoring our every movement and location and selling that data for hard cash.

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It’s a relentless trend. All new Volvos are limited to 112mph (180Kmh) which means my 2005 classic can out drag even the new 400+Bhp T8s on a long enough road.

All new cars have black box recorders like aircraft so that the authorities can see what you were up to before you binned it when investigating a crash.

Even the youths won’t be allowed out in their parents cars without dash cams running. I mean I’d do the same as a parent but it does mean they’ll be denied the opportunity to redline a 1995 Mitsubishi space wagon in 2nd gear with the windows down and music blasting as if they do that they’ll lose their car privileges. Now that was a life affirming moment. I thought I was driving a super car.