The fun police have a great idea



who’s going to pay for that?!

No one, cos it ain’t goona happen is it. But it makes the Pcc feel good about his sefl righteous anti biker bollox.

They put the cost on the owners. Won’t impact the criminals, and aspiring footballers, but will screw over the genuine biker.

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Hmmm, you don’t think that this won’t get pushed to the PM and Priti Patel, who will do this because they are utter scum.

And how long would it take “aspiring footballers” to deactivate/remove said tracker before dicking around on them?

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Boris is a libertarian at the end of the day. And a politician. How many votes in screwing over bikers? Not many. But many to be lost. And most car drivers won’t be a fan either - slippery slope and all that.

So don’t see it happening.

More likely to ruin all our biking fun is the end of petrol motorbikes in 10 or 15 years time. Recon bikers our age will be ok - but a new bike in 2030 and then keep it for 10 years.

But the younguns - can’t see them hooning around like we do in 30 years time :frowning:

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Exactly - won’t make a blind bit of difference to the levels of thefts. But would potentially give the plod another way of catching speeding bikers. And will cost us all in the pocket.

It will happen, eventually.

It started in TfL years ago when it was proposed for TfL’s buses. It’s hard to construct a logical reason why buses should be allowed to break the speed limit. That has taken years to filter through the system and I believe they are now fitted and operational.

Some councils are now doing the same with council vehicles, and again it is hard to construct a ‘personal freedom’ argument as to why council vans should be speeding on our roads.

Some fleet operators have also started deploying them. They get fitted under various guises such as ‘asset management’ or ‘reducing insurance premiums’ and once they become common across an industry it will be very hard to defend the right of your employees to have the personal freedom to break the law.

It is but then a small step to say if all commercial drivers are regulated like this, private motorists should be as well.

And he owns a bike :grin:

Bet he likes to open up from time to time

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Police crime commissioner… Says it all really.

I mean if there’s nothing you can do in life, might as well do that. I hear it has a maximum IQ level you have to have to qualify.

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Couldn’t make it as a politician, so decided to become a PCC. It’s like those village pricks with speed guns - on steroids :joy: :joy: :joy:

I don’t know about northumbria, but they PCC accounts for the largest increase in council tax for last few years… I think it was 7% in mid Sussex last year.


I hope I won’t live to regret it but recognising that we live in a society that is hell bent on making life boring in pursuit of ‘safe’, I’ve encouraged my daughters to have a go at some motorcycle training this summer. Liv is 19 and has a car licence, could do the CBT on a manual bike, Freya 16 in the summer could do something on a scooter I expect.

Meanwhile I’ll be riding my modest bike as much as I can before the kill joys prise the keys out of my hands.

Roll on the weekend.


The vans had then when I worked for network rail, a minute of more then 10% over the limit and you get a p45 in the post.

London underground vehicles have them too, but these don’t beep to warn you of the speeding

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I recall in the early 2000’s I was at college and a mate’s dad drove a bin lorry. He kept getting disciplinary’s for speeding in the truck, fitted with an early GPS tracker. He got hold of the raw data and found a local radio mast was interfering and making the GPS fix jump sideways to a parallel road and back. In order to do that jump, they’d have to be speeding.

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They started fitting trackers to Royal Mail vehicles when I retired, they’ve probably fitted them across the fleet by now.

explains why post takes forever to arrive

They have these already for cars don’t they? That little box to reduce your insurance premiums, small step to get it for bikers to install if it brings down the premiums. I wouldn’t have one personnaly and I always obey the highway code.