The everlasting "What did you buy today?" thread

One for the consumers, a thread shamelessly pinched fom elsewhere. Always intersting to see what ppl buy and how much tho :slight_smile:

I’ll kick off, seeing as my Road Angel’s USB has completely died and I’m sending it back, I’ve dropped the moolah on a Garmin Zumo 550 whitebox, £330.

I bought a ham salad roll, jam tart and a sausage roll for tea time.:smiley:

so far today I have bought a packet of buscuits at the costly price of £1.70 (that was witha 10p discount)

A new watch so I can try and get in to work at a decent hour!! = £30

A new umbrella :crying:, a new purse :), a chicken wrap and marzipan in dark chocolate bar…oh yeah and a latte!

PS. Don’t tell Captain Chaos about the new purse bit :w00t:

I’ve bought brake lines for otherhalfs bike £73.99, Liver sausage roll (with pickle; its all about the pickle) £1.90 and ordered an A Team- Mr T talking key ring £7.99, quality purchase I think you’ll agree.

set of wets for £200 (quite a bargain I reckon), a rear set for £160 - left and right (another bargain), a jacket potato with tuna, cheese and mayo (£3) and now im going to fleabay for a spare rear wheel for a carby sv…

damn and i gotta pay for a tax disk for the cage (£185 - no frackin bargain there)…

new rear tyre :blink:2 packets of foxes creams cos im a pig :slight_smile:

BLT sandwich from Eat £2.75

50 locusts £12.99 (for my bearded dragon not me !)

Bought a pair of supercorsa pros and a RF900 yesterday, and today a mini tyre compressor (screwfix, great company) and a couple of puncture repair kits.

'tis the season to buy tyres it would seem! :slight_smile:

Got another set to buy for the ZX6 and another for the RF900 when it arrives :doze: Skint now this month.

Chuck one of those my way please, I luv them :smiley:

Husband decided he ‘needed’ new tyres the other day, thought he might have lying but if everybody else is doing it, it must be ok?!

If anybody sees a black cbr600 doing burn outs and wheelies at any meets, let me know I’ll stop feeding, clothing, suppling ‘needed’ bike objects!

today ive brought… one pizza for me and girlies to share at lunch (£3.54 reduced price)… ironing water (95p) look magazine (£1.40) and a pink alpinstars hoodie (£35)… starting a hoodie collection soon by the looks of things!.. deposit on DAS (£250)

and like most skint already!! :doze:

2x tickets to a Rock Festival £75
2x tickets to see Feeder (Not fat girls and their feeders Ricky and Kev :stuck_out_tongue: ) £56
Lunch £4.10
Pressie for a friend: £67

Phew, I think I should cut up my cards today.

Chicken salad baguette and a glass bottle of diet coke.

Mushroom, egg’n’chips, and a cuppa tea. And they were delicious! :slight_smile:

Two bottles of Lucozade from a texaco garage, a filter coffee and tuna bagnat from a cafe, and a Lava Red belly pan for me fizzer from!

Total £162.68. Dont tell the missus… :wink:

1 x Paperback; £8.39 "Healthy Eating for Lower Cholesterol. :crying:

1 x Audio CD; £2.98 Lynyrd Skynyrd; “Second Helping” :slight_smile:

1 x Audio CD; £5.98 Cat Stevens “Teaser and the Firecat” :smiley:

1 x Yoga class tonight at £ 8.00