The Epic Pizza Delivery

I spotted this article this afternoon, the story is long but a really good read.


The story starts like this:

"Ever heard of a bad idea after 6 beers?

Well, what started as a planned trip through Europe with my mate Curt, ended in a planned 39 day mad dash through Africa from Johannesburg to London. Oh yes… with a 30kg offroad freezer strapped to my GS adventure. With four pizzas inside them.

Look… maybe it was more like 12 beers.

Some backround is probably required at this point.

I run a pizza franchise in South Africa and have been riding a GS for about 5 years, which is the same time I have been riding a bike. A have one broken leg as evidence of my learning curve and the destructive force of a boxer cylinder head as it gently comes to rest on it’s side after a 120kph back wheel slide. I don’t try that anymore.

My Dad is 64 and rides a standard 1200 as the adenture is too high for him. He too has a broken leg for his efforts. And collarbone. And wrist. All in one accident.

Then there is Curt, which is where all this madness started. He lives a cushy lifestyle in the UK and used to ride a 1100S. He has been riding most of his live, but never set a footpeg offroad. He doesn’t have a spleen as part of his leanring curve when a truck ran over him and his bike. He reckons it wasn’t that bad because he got a free helicopter flip (he can be pretty tight) and a succesfull MVA claim, which he used to buy a car.

Jay is the really odd one. We asked him to be the support vehicle for this trip which he graciously declined and instead the thought that we nay have more fun then him, prompted him (after at least 6 beers) to buy a 1200 adventure and join us. The thing is… Jay had never ridden a motorcycle in his life. Not even a scooter.

This also meant that we had no support vehicle… bet hey who needs a support vehicle? Not after 6 beers at least…"