The dreaded Frank Thomas

I got an invite in the post yesterday for the launch of the new 1000RR YAY!:smiley: However it did mention that they are doing a hugh sale on Frank Thomas kit as in i could get away with having the strike jacket and trousers for a mear £150ish. Now i know i hear you all saying stay a mile away even i am. I got a pair of there gloves last year and they fell apart after a few weeks. Does anyone have anything good to say about FT though is it worth taking the risk???

I have heard you should stay away from FT gloves and boots, so I do, but I have been down the road and track a few times in both full FT leathers and an FT textile jacket. These are my first leathers so I don’t have anything to compare them to but they have stood up pretty well. The stitching has worth through at the abrasion points which I think may have held out better on higher quality ones but I guess you get what you pay for. I will try another make next time for a comparison but I’m generally happy with them. :slight_smile:

My Frank Thomas gloves lasted me 5 years until they wore through the leather on the pinky finger. They are fantastic and bloody comfortable.

FT wouldn’t be my choice but its still much better than jeans and trainers:)

Agreed, i wear textiles but they make my bum look big:hehe:

Exactly!!! I have a two piece strike titanium, I like the jacket, but the jeans could be much better. The knee protection is pretty much just a plastic cup which doesnt stay in place and on a long journey last year I found uncomfortable. I use a one piece pretty much all of the time and that is very comfortable (that is RST though).

I also have a FT textile jacket, but I use that for warmth over my leathers and well, it works, keeps me warm.

If you’re getting the whole 2 piece for £150, it is because the strike line is coming to an end I believe, so they are probably just trying to get rid of the stock.

I got the Frank Thomas Titanium Xtreme Sport Jacket at the Birmingham Show last year and it’s the absolute best Winter jacket I’ve ever had. Well made, good armour and long in the back.

Like all manufacturers there is stuff they do well and stuff they do badly. Go along and satisfy yourself as to how well-made individual items are.

wouldnt bother, in my early days i had a two piece FT and both started coming apart at the seams just through riding. Would hate to think how their kits hold up in an accident. I then brought a pair of gloves that did the same

They may have improved their kit recently but i’d still avoid it personally. There is plenty of decent cheapish stuff available and everyone is doing deals as finance things tighten up around the country.

I got a FT two peice suit a couple of years ago. Shortly afterwards some of the stitching came away in the leg of the trousers. I took it back to the shop and they sent the trousers back to FT.

OK, I was without the trousers for a week or so, not ideal…

However they cam back having been redone, with an apology for the lack of their usual standard of finish and quality control.

I’ve worn the suite in all weathers since and I mean some real downpours, (try the Black forest for rain), there not a forest there because of all the dry weather they get! I’ve stayed bone dry though it all. The suit is warm and flexible too. In fact if you look at my profile they photo there is me wearing it, last year.

Due to my impatience, I took a little spill last year also, after skating down the road a bit on my right side, the jacket was scuffed and the trousers has some small holes in the outer layer from the grit on the road. But I still wear them and it hasn’t affected the waterproofing.

I’d recommend FT to anybody.

I bought a lightweight, part mesh summer jacket last year. Looks nice and very confortable. I had to buy a proper back protector but otherwise very happy with it.

well some of there stuff is crap, but i needed to buy last year a set of winter boots that were waterproof, i went to Bridge motorcycles whilst in Devon and tried various diff boots, even the Sidi Goretex. The only ones that felt warm, comfy and snug were the frank thomas aqua sport boot. and ive got to say ive not had any problems with them, apart from the torrential rain we had coming home from the Last Herts meet i went to in Jan!. They are very well priced at £90 and are very very warm too.:slight_smile:

I have floored two sets of frank thomas gear…the first set are fine…the zips crap, the second set of full one piece leathers are a bit more damaged than i would have expected…but no holes…but the armour is crap…you will need better armour…

My frank thomas gloves, kangaroo hide are totally gorgeous and the best gloves ever…the second pair saved my knuckles but are now fooked…and they were not as comfy as the first pair…

And as was said better than jeans…but get knox body armour that is the business…

I’ve been down the road in FT winter gloves and full leathers and they held up as well as my made to measure Celtic Leathers (albeit a slower crash than the one in the Celtic Leathers)… The gloves really did save my fingers being worn to the bone… would and will buy FT stuff again.

Mine too.

Only just gone on the thumb last week after 5 years. Remained warm and waterproof to the end.

I was wearing the aqua sport boot when I had my off, and saved my toes. They are warm and fairly waterproof provided you treat em right. Nice and comfy boots!

Mt FT gloves have done 4 years so far in all weathers and are still going strong - not had an off in them yet ( touches wood ) but so far so good :wink:

They were not dear ones either :slight_smile:


bought a Frank Thomas textile jacket 3 weeks ago.

Has loads of zip out bits and waterproof bits that can be worn over armour in the summer etc…

Thought all the negative talk was just hype and band wagon jumping.

WELL i was caught in a heavy downpour yesterday on the A130 towards the Burnham Bends and thought it odd that i was soaking. The drenching and the weatHer was so bad that i pulled into a lay by and checked myself over. The jacket has literally split along the seams of arms. Not just on one arm but BOTH arms have 4 inch gashes where they have fallen to pieces.

I hate to think how they would have held up if i had gone skidding down the road!!!


Fingers crossed Laguna’s will give me a refund or credit note and needless to say i WONT be buying FT again.

My FT Aqua Sport boots are a damn sight more waterproof than my Sidi Black Rain boots. And warmer! But they began to stink badly after about 3 months.My FT winter jacket won’t be seeing another winter, I think, as the seams are fraying and small hole has worn where the elbow armour rubs the fabric (after 1 winter of use). Still - 8,000 miles or so isn’t too bad, I guess. I might send it back and see if I get a replacement under the warranty. In fact, I might a new jacket every year if I do this!In general, I don’t think I’ll be avoiding their kit in future, but I would check out other brands at similar prices first (Ixon, Weisse, Richa etc).

I bought a fair bit of FT kit this winter and the only negatives I have are to do with the pants…

they were the climate ones i think they are called, leather but with textile around the crotch and within 5 days of riding the stitching was coming all undone just below the zipper. So not in the crotch as such, but just where they had sewn two sections of textile together and clearly they didnt get the R&D done, because i sent them back with no issues was given another pair and within a day they were fraying too…

I mean they were not too tight, i had a fair bit of room, and I’m fairly certain that my **** isnt that big!:smiley:

The jacket I’ve got and the gloves are great though (but the gloves ******* humm now)…

I’d recommend it because I think they give decent value for money, but if you have the $$$ or £££ I’d probably look elsewhere next set I buy…