The dons XT 600 adventure bike

Heres some pictures of Donalds (thedon) XT600 he plans to ride to mongolia.

The is adventure on a budget and i wish him all the best and the trip of a life time.

He asked me to prep the bike, look it over for anything that may need doing before he leaves and fit some extra parts for him.

Stripping the bike back

Inlet valve inspection and adjust

Exhaust valves were very tight.

Motor at Top dead center.

Motion pro feeler gauges make it much simpler to set the valves.

Huge long range acerbis fuel tank fitted with duel fuel taps and under brace.

CRD sump gaurd is light and offers very good protection.

No instructions and a stripped bolt where the lower right hand luggage rack attached! i had to strip the whole rear end and tap the thread to get it to fit bit its on the solid now.

Lots of lock tight and a set of wrap around hand gaurds should stop things falling off and if the don falls off his leavers should not get broken.! good luck mate and hope its the trip of a life time.

you just need a good chain and sprockets and your away to go!

Looking good and good luck with the trip Donald!

Great stuff Adz…

We need more threads like this one on LB

cool thread!

good luck to thedon!

yeah its great to see a guy go out there and seek adventure! and on a budget. the old XT 600 is a solid and dependable ride. i enjoyed taking it for a shot test ride around the streets of south london.

I would love to take it across the world!

Adam , looks like you are enjoying working on singles :slight_smile:

Good bike to do some ADV riding!
My London collogue went to Nordkapp on XT :w00t:

Yeah took it for spin last night, very happy, feels like it is ready to go.

About three weeks to go, quite excited, but the reality won’t set in till i get on the road.

Thanks for the help Adam and the good wishes!

Alright Don

Couple mates of mine drive to Mongolia last year in a Matiz

I’ll jot down some of their advice tomorrow!

That is a sweet looking bike. I’d always thought that the Yamaha XT660R would make a great adventure bike.

You need to ensure the engine mounts are solid, and that the suspension and subframe (including brake mounts) will take the continuous beating they will receive when fully loaded.

Was that the CityFly?


It was not really the standard in adventure bikes. :smiley:

good luck Don! hope you have a great adventure !

yeah, wish I could have done a trip like that before family stuff… still. I am packing them all off for 2 weeks in June… hmmmmmmmmmmmm where shall I go ? :smiley:

Have a great trip Don