The dangers of increased sugar consumption

Somehow…words just dont do it justice…


Whats are his parents feeding for breakfast crack!

Don’t get him angry, you won’t like him when hes angry

Did he actually get to play at all, there where no keys left .

NOTE: Keep this guy away from all planes tall buildings and anything, anything that could be used as a weapon of mass destruction

imagine the little **** playing it on a commadore 64 and waiting for that to load…

Holy Molly, that’s scary!

Like to see him trying to play that on my home computer. He would be one angry little boy.

“I dont need help…I dont need help” hahaha

jeesus, what a nutter - makes me gla my parents brought me to england when i was born instead of raising me there!

backs away from the freaky german kid

Funny to a point but desperately sad. Imagine when he grows up and he is in charge of some company…