"The Church"

See’ing as it’s gonna snow this weekend I thought some LB’ers might like to join a few of us at the church on sunday:)

NO IT’S NOT THE REAL THING:P It does involve drinking, hooliganism, drinking games, dancing and strippers :smiley:


It’s their Chrissy party and will be manic. We would have to be there real early to get in. PS the stripper TOPAZ will be there… MMmmmmm:w00t:

PS no bikes, nobbers, bush wackers and people who wear nice clothes! It’s a VERY messy and boozy day out.:hehe::D:D:D:D

The Clapham Grand
21-25 St John’s Hill Clapham Junction
London SW111TT

Being a man of the cloth myself, I find this post insulting, highly innappropriate, distasteful, and exploitative.:angry:










How much to get in?;):P:D:P

7 Squids please sir :smiley: I’ll give contact details closer to the time so we can actually all meet each other.:satisfied:

Oh the things those strippers do:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

I remember when the church used to be up in Kings cross and we’d have England against the RoW drinking games - messy messy times!

Omg, the church is ridiculous! I experianced this place last bank holiday dressed as an elf! It was a fun night though and was gonna give myself a year before I experience it again, unless I can be persuaded otherwise??! Lol!

Having grown up five mins from there I can vouch for old Sunday morning fun , straight from the paradise club up the road ( otherwise known as AWOL !!!)

It is the same set up at the new gaff ?

yup same same. My bro-in-law is a bouncer there and my old boss used to be co-owner of it. Just a smaller venue than the Kentishtown Forum but still loadsa people. :smiley:

It will be really good to go. There are 5 people defo confirmed sofar for our group.:laugh:

We gotta down a beer as soon as we get in and buy a fish bag full o beer.

remember to wear a belt to tie ur bag-o-beer to it :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be shy. You know u want to:hehe:


Might have to rename to Jizzstreams for the day ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Ah unfortunately have to be in Bromley for family dinner… Shame :frowning:

I think im gonna pass as wen i managed a pub in Kentish Town id see girls still passed out, covered in sick at 9am on a sunday morning and that really put m off from ever going…

come on we are responsible bunch :wink:

it’s really strange how this place is running during the day and not night, but what the hell, if there’s going to be stripper then i’m in. :smiley: she’s got to be pretty though, none of that “flying scotsman” type of strippers…

Don’t knock the Scotsman , spent many an hour in there waiting to help me mum with the shopping !!

We as good christians were put of by the stripper.

In our creed, women only strip if they are up for a bit of procreational activity. Since we feel Topaz is not up for a bit of jiggy jiggy we must decline your cordial offer.:slight_smile:

Anyway we`ll be riding to the sun, as in Sunday.:wink:

I remember going up to the church years ago when it was Kings Cross? - full of p1ssed aussies if I remember right - at the end about 15 to 20 of the aussie birds stripped off their clothes and stormed the stage.

Happy days . . . :smiley:


i take it you’re going then???