The Chase

I always told myself that I wouldn’t be another black guy in a BMW (there are other German manufacturers for godsake).

…but that M3 sounds lovely…Uh oh :hehe:

Very impressive! :wink:

I was having a conversation the other day and we were debating whether a car was faster than a bike.

Seems like I was right…although that should come as no surprise to any of you…:smiley:

not really a surprise tbh. even a 600 would clean up with the car eventually:)

I would say if you put “average” bike rider who has also been into cars in both their lap times would be quicker in an M3 in the wet!

Also the type of track plays massive part. Cars have corner speed particularly slower/twisty stuff where as on big open tracks the acceleration of the bike will give it the edge.

Be happy with both those in your garage though wouldn’t you :cool:

god yes!:slight_smile:

Bike 200BHP and 175Kilos = 1140BHP per tonne

Car 350BHP and 1350Kilos = 260BHP per tonne

No comparisson really

BMW Coupe £54,000

BMW RR £13,000

Yeah, no comparison really.

bet you would pull a fitter bird in the M3 though :hehe:

Maybe its just me, but the bikes sounds so much more sexier, especially when its high revving :cool: