The Cameras on the A3 approaching Kingston Hill

A3 from London, past the Asda but before the turn for Kingston.

There is one facing you (obviosuly ok for a bike) but there seems to be something pointing away too, though not a Gatso…plus lines all over the road.

Anyone know what’s the story?

It is a test site for new camera technology - there is another similar site on the A24 south of Horsham.See these threads -

Thx -

So the forward facing one is a new digital one…but there is defo something pointing away too - just looking at google map / street and it is there - much smaller - might not be a camera at all - but it is there and is right by the lines

That digital camera started flashing at me even before i reached the white lines. I see it’s now got a sign saying camera on test so hoping there’s no points in the post.

dont be fooled, the f-facing ones can still get you.

i miss my flip plate.

Can only get you in the car and not on the bike. How can they get your plate if you dont’ have a front plate?

Ive seen em! hopfully they dont work on the other carrige way, i love that little bridge for a wheelie…



I love the idea of all those policemen taking time out from a rape case to focus on some ******* speeding case. Warms the cockles of my heart that.