The Budget and Bikes | Motorcycle road tax to increase

I remember playing £48 for my MT-09 back in 2014. It’s now already double that in 6 years. It’s so convenient that there are the little people that Tories can keep milking.

can’t understand the logic in The 250’s road fund licence fee (£93) being three times as much as the Ford (£30) ??

…and before anyone tries to educate me understand this - I’m old school from a by gone time when it was understood that road fund licence revenue was for just that, funding the road network.

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my 800cc motorcycle is £93 quid my mums 1.2ltr car is £30 … it’s so depressing and apparentl to become more so.

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Same my vfr1200is £93 and my 2.2 litre diesel car is £20

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ffs thats WORSE!

also… i wanna go to a bike show and play with bikes in the vain hope something will fit me :frowning: okay thats a covid related whine sorry.

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My Tiger 1200 is £93, my Land Rover Defender is £240 :woozy_face:

My BMW 3 Series is £475 :sob:

Christ I thought mine was bad!

2016 Seat Leon 1.4 turbo eco, £30 April 2020.
2016 ZX-10R, £93 June 2020