The Bradwell Burnham Ring

Sharp corners…Maximum concentration required…Its a must do route :smiley: Google Map of route

Have ridden these roads fella. They are great fun!

If you want to get some fun around Burnham - you really need to be there early.

10 years ago that was our Sunday breakfast run - assemble at 0800HRS.

Also be aware that the police like to hang around on Sundays from time to time.

Thanks for the heads up Pete…

Still, some of them bends…There’s no way you’re gonna be breaking the speed limit around them and there aren’t many straight aways.

Maybe I’m just slow :laugh:

You wanna get y’self a Soooooopa’moto m8! Those bendz are fast wet or dry!

yep i get the pleasure of riding theses roads every friday… in ma lorry