The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Just seen this on DVD. Stark, moving film - directed by Mark Herman, from the John Boyne novel. I missed it when it first came out three years ago.

It reminded me a little of Life is Beautiful.

Well worth seeing.

Lovely Hels. What was that one a few years ago where the boy of the family knocked one out on the balcony and the family Labrador licked it up?

no that was the boy in the slightly fishy odoured crisspy stained pyjamas

Oi you folks, this was meant to be the start of a beautiful and poignant accolade to a sensitive, disturbing portrayal of friendship in the dark horror of 1940’s Germany;) :slight_smile:

For more bizzare kicks about stuffed dogs, lesbians, bears, dodgy pyjamas and heart attacks (which is more up your street) try Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving (or Jackie Collins, I do have the Box Set) and then start up a different thread :D:D:P

For now, for me, it’s back to the 2nd World War and some harsh realism…

Or, actually, for me, now, it’s back to the Sunday Papers and a nice glass of Pinot Grigio. I was considering coming on your ride out today, but rode to see a friend instead this morning, then hung out in the yard in the afternoon in the sun with a glass of white.

Happy Sunday;)

Life is Beautiful is an amazing film

brilliant film but very sad :frowning: