The Borough Market Gig

Is it big and is it clever? I may have shore-leave next Wednesday. The Riot is going nowhere, but if I put the ol’Ducati put back together I could prolly get’on down there? If I drive the train instead of the bike down there, will they warm the glass before they pour the Stolly in? What’s the poop? Where is it?

Oh do tell!:wink:

It’s exactly where it says it is matey! :stuck_out_tongue: which is near London Bridge.

If I ride in next wednesday, and I myself have shore leave, you can follow me down there (as I think you work quite close to me). That is of course if you can stand slowly following me in the London traffic.


Just head to London Bridge station - you really can’t get lost from there

See the weekly bike meet icon on rhs of the forum pages

See you there mate!:smiley:

Sneaky am on top of thing i got Ratty to lead us there. So you don’t have to stand on street corner asking for direction :w00t::hehe::hehe:

So am afraid you ‘ll just have to put you little black number and your high heels when you’ ll really need it :hehe::hehe::smiley:

What else would I wear to a gig fulla leather clad bikers!:kiss:


You 're more than welcome to do so but might get a bit chilly on the bike at that time of the night. :D:D:D

We could both go on your YBR125, I’d make a good pillion! The should keep the wind rush down?

Good idea,just would’nt be quite as appealing from the back as the other way round:P

Mmm, Sneaky has a sneaky feeling that this may be the reason The BCR has suddenly become such a popular rideout. 12mths ago we’d struggle to get half a dozen bikes out at that time on a Sunday morning. DR joins the ride and the numbers go to 11, then 13 now 21!!!:smiley: I aint going on The BCR this week cause I dont wanna be look’in after 40+ bikes!:blink: