The best sounding bike......EVER!!!!

I saw/heard this bike do a demo lap at Silverstone in 1979 and the sound has haunted me ever since.

It’s a Honda RC166 250cc 6 cylinder GP bike from 1967 which was ridden by Mike Hailwood to win that years 250 World Championship

It produced 62bhp at 17,000rpm which is respectable compared to todays machines.



I have a similar machine on me ps2 game, tourist trophy!:stuck_out_tongue: think it may even be the very same one.

cooorrrrrrr what a sound! :smiley:

Sounds like my ZX6 :stuck_out_tongue: . . . but at least it doesn’t have a drum front brake :w00t:

I agree best sounding bike ever - whats more I saw Mike Hailwood racing one at Brands in the sixties

In your dreams mate:D

You would be surprised how powerful some of the 4LS drum brakes were in the day compared to their contemporary discs:cool:

Hallspeed… There aint many things that make me wish I’d been a little bit older but I wish I’d seen some 60’s racing with Ago, Reid, Hailwood et al on board:cool:

I was lucky enough to see Hailwood’s second coming though:cool:

I love the sound of that :w00t:

Now that is a sweeeeet sounding machine!

Oh man, the hairs on my back just stood up!

those hondas were so damn cool…shame they became a bit staid in their approach…we could do with them building a few bikes like that now…imagine a 500 built on similar lines…cool and as you say what a sound…

but Chunks thought you liked the low thud thud of a twin not a six…

Truth be known, i love all bikes mate, I’ve owned more IL4’s than anything but I am a convert to the power of the vee;):smiley:

Woah!!! :w00t:

Love the starting method, they should re-introduce that to MotoGp! :smiley:

Just found this one.

Be patient… It gets hot after 1 minute:D

Where’s me tissues?;):smiley: