The best boss in the world......EVER!!!

In the office slaving away when my boss says to everyone that he’s a moto GP TV subscriber - gets his laptop out - feeds in and sends the signal on the BIG! TV on the wall so everyone can see it. BLISS!!!
Im watching the Le Mans as I type!!!:smiley:

do they have any vacancies? im looking a new job…lol


i have fridays off - so watching it at home!! : )

Edwards is doing well!

In that case your boss wins!!! Wish I had Fridays off!Stevewright - sorry mate, no vacancies at the mo, its a technology engineering dept so quite specialised and I dont know what field you’re in.:slight_smile:

…if ya need a Tech Reporting Analyst type, let me know!!!:wink: (I’m not joking either BTW…)

git! :smiley:

Nice boss, lucky fellah !! I have two jobs and two bosses, one of them rides a bike and used to be in the RAC, so he has fixed minor faults on mine with the handyman’s tools and pointed out wires which needed soldering etc Very handy!! Although I don’t have a boss who lets me watch TV, sadly:(

You are very lucky.

I’m my own boss and wouldn’t even consider doing that for myself!

At least not until I pull my finger out and get some work done instead of trawling though LB . . ! :w00t:

Well my boss gives me BJs on Friday, she’s gorgeous too :smiley:

Yep, I get all the crappy bad jobs today :frowning:

our bosses let us watch pretty much all the 2006 FIFA world cup matches, it was awesome as we had TVs and huge plasma screens everywhere in the office (I worked for a TV company)… they went bust though a year ago…