The Alternative Census

Seeing as today is census day and there’s a bunch of stupid questions from some desk jockeys in the government.

what questions would you write into the census form?

shamelessly stolen from the now show.

After a night on the piss would you have

a) kebab
b) burger
c) chips
d) chinese
e) hot dog from the street canteen
f) pizza
g) all of the above

one for Chopc…

Would you class yourself as:
a) a Motorcyclist
b) a Biker

Follow up question; once purchased above food did you?

a) eat all like it was your first meal in months
b) drop half of it on the floor
c) drop all of it on the floor
d) drop all of it on the floor, but picked it up within the 5 sec rule
e) throw it at a friend
f) throw it at a stranger
g) throw it all back up
h) wake up with it in bed the following morning