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The All New Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Whoah, thoughts?

I like that they’ve carried over the Tiger Sport looks of the 1050

~£8k. That’s quite good, no? You can see they’ve cut some corners in the spec department to keep the price low, but I think you get quite a bit of bike for your money there. It doesn’t seem to be a massively constrained bike.

Yeah that’s a good price, the fit and finish on Triumphs is spot on. You don’t really need all the bells and whistles that a lot of the high end bikes come with these days

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It’s a competitive price with the Tracer 7 & looks a nicer bike. I can’t imagine the finish is any worse than the Yam either!


700 Tracer is a better bike for the money
the 660 tiger sport is as far from “Sport” you could possible get