The Advanced Stop Line Enforcement Thread

Spotted my first posse of enforcement officers this morning. PCSOs by the stop line outside Tooting Bec Station with a host of cycle and bike cops waiting on the other side. Looked like they were set up for red jumping cyclists as well as bikes and cars over the ASL.

It was impossible to miss the bright yellow mass of police officers on approach, but that didn’t stop the TMax rider who got ticketed for failing to stop on the first line.

I imagine the methodology is to get the PCSO to confirm the status of the light as the vehicle crosses the line with the cops the other side of the junction to pull them.

I also saw a bike cop alongside a van in the cycle box at Oval having a word with him. He didn’t ticket him. At Kennington, the bike cop pulled a cyclist that crossed the junction on red so enforcment seems ballanced!

I saw a car get caught near kennington last week - the light had been red for 20 seconds or so, there was also a marked police bike parked up on the kerb next to the ASL with the blue lights flashing away.
There’s no helping some people.

There were a few cops on pushbikes around E&C this morning catching red light jumping cyclists, including some tool on a fixie who jumped every set of red lights for about a mile and then pootled between them at 10mph so i and every other cyclist with any level of fitness had to constantly re-overtake him. He got nabbed just north of the E&C roundabout - it made my morning to know he’d been slapped with a £50 fine :smiley:

there was t3wo pcso @ the old street /Shoreditch high street junction last night with police motorcyclist around the corner he looked like he was giving a cyclist words

The chaps at E&C were busy when I was going past this morning… Couple of bikers and cyclists were pulled up when I arrived at the lights. As I was waiting a cyclist comes up the far right hand lane at a reasonable pace, he’s about to carry on through the red light and the OB simply walked out from the footpath and point him over to the side of the road.

Quite a few on the north side of Chelsea Bridge recently, alongside TFL staff.