The Ace To Night

Who up for the ace to night and maybe a run down to Leicester Square McDonalds After.

Only if someone is willing to take me pillion then yes :smiley: My cast is off and wires are out so im ready to rumble :stuck_out_tongue:

looks nice out so i could be up for this if you don’t mind a newbie? could be my only chance for a spin this weekend. what time were you thinking of heading down?

ally - i remember you mentioning on my newbie post that you’re an east londoner too. i’d offer to take you but as i am a small female who can barely reach the ground, i don’t think you’d want to accept anyways lol. glad to hear you’re well again :smiley:

im coming :smiley:

I’ll be there. Now, as it’s going to be really cold later, shall I cage it or wrap up with the thermals?:stuck_out_tongue:

no one told me it was to be really cold later. might change my mind :hehe:

I will be along later on :wink:

Possibility of groundfrost up my way according to the forecast.:ermm:

Yaye im getting a lift :smiley: No bike but that will change in a month ish :smiley:

i might be yes bet you wont be on the 10 lol

Sorry Andy you no where the 10 is. Out on the GSXR to night a bit slow for you ???

Sorry i didn’t see many of you tonight, i had to shoot off and see a friend.

Blimey did the temperature drop on my way home:w00t: if it carries on like this then the thermals will be needed along with the heated gloves :wink:

Yea, there was dew on the seat as I returned to the bike the cold has returned!

Bit nippy.

yep i think its safe to say the biking fun is over for this year and its maby time to consider getting a car for the winter :slight_smile:

good too see peeps last night, its been a while!:slight_smile:

Damn, if I’d known some peeps were meeting up I wud have hung around at the ace, popped in for a bite to eat bout 6 and headed off again. oh well, next time :wink:

I was considering going last night, as had no plans, but didn’t end up seeing the thread til later last night:) Had a few jars at the local with a friend instead

Must catch up with people again - it’s been a while - last time I was out was ages ago with the Jets, Emsee and ASBO at Box, so need to get some more rides out before the cold sets in!

ive just go a bike couple weeks ago :smiley: