The 990 Sooperdook cup


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_DSC_0795 (Medium).JPG

_DSC_0176 (Medium).JPG

Nice one Pete! Are you competing in the BSB Bracken Superduke Cup next year? Love those bikes, they look and sound crazy.

No Jay, I’m supermoto proper again next year.

That was a one-off at Jerez with Racedays / Rehm racing.

BTW - KTM’s company slogan is…

“Ready to race”

Good to hear Well, Suzuki’s moto is ‘own the racetrack’… I wish we did, hehe…

Well, the 800’s topped the timesheets at the MotoGP test.

AND a suzuki was fastest at the WSB test (See return of the king thread!)

All you guys need is for walker to pull the pin in BSB, and you’ll be in powder-puff blue heaven.

BTW - My moto is “Ready for bed” - it’s an age thing!

Not a bad one though

Suzuki get a tripple? You’ve been at the crack pipe again Pete, haven’t you?