That wierd cat staring thing...

My cat is doing it now. At the ceiling.

And now at the light switch.

There’s nothing there.

Nope…nothing there…still…

sounds like its found you secret stash;)

Of what? Cat nip? lol… if I had a secret stash, I wouldn’t keep it in the light switch…the probablity of electricution would be too high! :laugh:

Maybe she wants the light turned off?

maybe that badger has snuck into your home & its in the walls:w00t:

nah, cats are very clever, they have ‘the sixth sense’

they definitely know something we don’t. a wee bit like cows…they are creepy.

remember that hitchcock film ‘birds’

I think they should make another called ‘cows’

I read a james herbert horror book while ago,& everyone was engulfed by this fog that turned everyone mad, including the animals.

the cows gave the look, then circled this guy & took it in turn to kick him.

something to watch out for in a field people

Cats are fascinating creatures. The fact that you are a bit spooked by your cat is not suprising Mole! - people have attached relgious and occult qualities to cats for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians worshipped them (there are the remains of mummified cats in the British museum), and women who owned cats in the medieval period were often accussed of being witches!

your cat isn’t black is it mole?lol

why you being racist?.

nah, my cat looks a bit like this…

Only he’s a lot fatter than that one…with bigger eyes.

Sid, you’re thinking of Witches Familiars. It is said they would help the witches do their spells. :smiley:
The best explanation of the history of cats I ever saw was in the film ‘Cats and Dogs’ :laugh:


Meh :crying:

goes to give Grom a big hug

Nice cat Mole. In terms of spooky animals I’ve always found members of the Corvid family (magpies, ravens, rooks, crows, jackdaws etc) quite spooky and interesting - like cats they have had occult connotations in country folklore. They are also very clever and inquisitive - and have been known to use tools (twigs etc) to get at their food. There is a magpie that often sits on the gutter outside my window and stares in through the glass to see if there is anything shiny he can nick (totally Hitchcock!).

I lifted the following corvid facts from a website dedicated to them

When crows were quiet and subdued during their midsummer’s molt, some European peasants believed that it was because they were preparing to go to the Devil to pay tribute with their black feathers.

In Scotland, Magpies are thought to be so evil that each has a drop of the Devil’s blood under its tongue.

This is all nonsense of course! They are in fact charming and clever birds! :smiley:

A rook.

Wow, thats a lovely picture Sid! :cool:
I must have seen a rook the other day in Westerham, it’s beak was really really sharp looking. He/she was really eyeing up my cream tea.

Very interesting post, I didn’t know crows molted.

Do you get milk from the milkman? Just asking because you could tie the milk bottle tops on string, and watch your magpie try and get them :slight_smile:

I’d start ordering the milk in just so I could watch that! I’m gonna put bacon rind and stuff out for my corvid mates in the winter - although we don’t seem to get the hard winters that we used to get, when helping the birds out with a bit of fat seemed more necessary (global warming?).

Cats are great, still miss the one I had for about 16 years. Up in North Yorks t’other week, I made acquaintance with a friendly native… makes a change from sheep!



Cat’s can sometimes be extremely creepy! Especially when they start staring at thing’s that aren’t there, and making that growly sound! :crazy:

My mother used to have two cat’s, and I must admit that they were a constant source of amusement. One was a proper house cat, and wouldn’t go outside if there was even the slightest hint of rain in the air (possibly related to Chunkey Monkey! :w00t: ), and spent most of it’s time sleeping on the settee in the front room, or curled up in the strangest of places (airing cupboard etc…). The other one was a pure mentalist, which would dissapear for day’s on end, and would attack anything that moved, including other cat’s, dog’s, squirrels, rabbit’s and the occasional human! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I had to go down hill to Forder, trying to find that bloody cat. Sparky was known to all the local’s, even the Mayor of Saltash (who Sparky frequently visited, and was once found curled up on her pillow one day!). I remember going looking for her one day, some years ago, and being told that she had been spotted earlier in the day in one of the fields, carrying a rabbit in her mouth!!! :w00t: That was one seriously hard cat! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now they are both burried in the back garden, with full honour’s (Cornflake Box!)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cats can see other dimensions…like in the film ‘From Beyond’ flying fishes and all that!:w00t:

Love the pic 7wheel - superb looking trike by the way :slight_smile:

Ta! That little fella hopped up on the left rear to say hello, very friendly. Then Her Ladyship came round the corner with the camera, so he decided to greet her too :slight_smile: