That was an interesting experience today

I have today spent the best part of 7 hours being filmed and interviewed for the Fake Britain programme on BBC 1. I had to examine some leathers and look at some video footage of a fake helmet and poor quality leathers being tested and then give an expert opinion.

Can’t believe how many times I had to go over the same thing as they got different camera shots, they filmed at home so turned the house upside down, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Certainly puts it into perspective knowing how long it takes and seeing what goes on behind the camera.

Now just got to wait until April when it will be broadcast.

Let us know when, I will definitely watch it!


Caught you at last

Think that was tough, wait until Trading Standards turn up

They will probably film your court appearance as well, bound to drag on and cost the taxpayer a fortune

Oh, the court date has been set!

Only joking but that was what sprang to mind as I was reading it:D

+1 on letting us ALL know when your on

Good God TC, you didn’t let the marauding TV hoards into your house did you! Chaos!

and people wonder why TV is so expensive to make huh? but consider this, you could have done fewer takes with multi camera, but its cheaper to keep everyone there longer than it is to hire the extra gear!

be interesting to hear the results of your expert assessments, I’d hate to end up with a fake Shoei, especially considering what you have to pay for them!

I have done a couple of saftey videos ,always takes the whole day for like 20 mins of video … Last time it took half an hour to film one handshake …After a while he says “you need to look more pleased to meet each other” … What a twat “We have know each other for years and I have met him 30 times already and he is sick of driving the van round in circles for every take” … So we finally got it done helped by my best Joseph Merrick voice , plesshed tchoo meetch choo .

When does the ‘bloopers reel’ come out? :smiley:

I did tell them that I was happy to go to their office, but they preferred to come to me. Did not really bother me, other than the fact that we worked straight through with nothing to drink or eat, and by the end of the day I was bloody knackered. :crying:

In fairness, there were only 2 people from the production team and they were nice guys.

And on the subject of bloopers, that is now the worry :Whistling: Although I don’t think I did anything that is likely to justify inclusion in any of the out take programmes.

After 4 months of filming, with 2 minutes shown you can guess how much was usable :wink:

? Were there too many headshakes on the rest of it? :smiley:

TC - We don’t have a TV so can you put it on Youtube when it comes out:)

Would love to see it, keep us posted. :wink:

I’ve been on tv a couple times, doing martial arts demonstrations, and yes, it was when I was fitter, faster and certainly more flexible than I am now. After throwing people around and showing off a few Hollywood style kicks, they seemed contented, and it went out wholly as filmed.

I thought it was great fun. The only time I was nervous on camera was when I auditioned for a part of a ninja, (yup, seriously, a ninja) for Mortal Combat 2. Boo hoo, didn’t get that one :crying: