That nice Chancellor

New VED rates 2024/5 anyone understand whats going on?

Anyone hoping to buy a pickup truck with twin cab as their company car won’t get the same tax breaks as last year.

My diirty old diesel remains at £20, gave up looking for who is quoting the new motorcycle rates or where that information might be buried but if I was a gambling man i’d wager it wlll be more than the 111 hard earned they fleeced me for last year.

My Ducati is currently SORNed, the first time I’ve ever done that but they’ve made its VED so much, and I knew I wouldn’t be using it much over winter, so now they’ve lost that revenue.

Instead I’m using the Piaggio around town.

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Part of me would like to buy an old American muscle car. A proper one from the 70’s, like a 351 Mustang Mach 1 (5.7 litre) or Corvette Stingray (I think they come in 6 and 8 litre engines), because they sound amazing and they are road tax exempt. At least I think they are. It would be my way of flipping the bird to the Mayor of the Big Smoke.

As I understand it VED exemption has to be applied for, the criteria being the vehicle is an historic vehicle (over 40 years old) but what you save on not paying the Government by way of VED you’ll be taxed in trumps on fuel duty. For example, at today’s pump prices a ‘Sunday drive’ round trip from Krispy Kreme to High Beech will set you back over £10 in E5 before you’ve dunked a doughnut in your cuppa, give it the beans and hit a few red lines for the onlookers and you’ll be selling the toy to pay for it.

I’ve a 48 year old car that needs no tax or MOT. It does actually have an MOT though. Limited miles insurance is pretty inexpensive.

Must confess that part of the attraction is telling the state to get stuffed after Nicole’s perfectly good Juke was scrapped.

As a confirmed petrolhead it brings me (and others) great pleasure to run around in it. Its good enough to do long distances too so it really is useful as a means of transport if required.

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Is it ULEZ exempt too?

Yes. The black and silver plates don’t always get regognised by ANPR too. Had a free trip across Dartford last weekend!


Nah. I just registered the tax on my '59 BSA and the DVLA site simply returns £0.00

In other words you applied for it, as opposed to otheres who thought OK 40 year old motor vehicle is exempt and did nothing.