Thank you

to the guy who helped move my bike today from the middle of the Old Kent Road.

Really appreciated!

GP xx

What’s happened babe? Q

Please say it broke down instead of you came off.

Yeah wot happened gp?

If ya need to stash yer bike some where me mums aint for off the Old Kent Road.


Nothing serious guys. Just had to swerve to avoid hitting some bint who decided to break suddenly when she realised she was in the lane turning right and she didn’t want to turn right. Then when my bike was on the ground some t*at decided to slowly drive over my wing mirror and completely flatten it. Everyone was just staring and no one was helping lift my bike back up so I had to ask the biker behind me. Then it wouldn’t start, but she finally got going after a while. Just really f**ked off.

ARRRGGGHHHH!!! You must 'av been spittin ? Glad you’re ok Orla

Last night I saw a near miss on the East India Dock Road when a car followed by a biker just did a U turn without looking

Luckily the bike managed to avoid it, but the biker was going too fast anyway, he’d cut me up a few times before under taking extra …

Give these fecking cagers plenty of room guys, sometimes it’s difficult to read what they’re going to do next !

Glad ur OK hun, bl00dy Cagers

Glad to hear you are ok…

Reminds me of when they tried to get my bike off me in broad daylight and if it wasnt for the 2 bikers coming along, they may well have got me off the bike as i had one at front and one at back of me?

But what you said about pedestrians and cagers, is so true…no one came over and helped me, they just gawped. One of the bikers had to floor one of the guys who had the back of my bike and was rocking it to get me off?..makes you wonder if everyone is scared to get involved when someone is in trouble…prob cos they are worried they will be stabbed or something…

Bloody hell Jules, I didn’t know that! That’s horrific!

Orla - glad you’re OK hun x

Hi GP glad you are ok, hope the bike’s not to bad either.

hope your ok honey

Well Orla…bet you got your knee down at least!

Ha ha - not yet! I’m enrolling into Elad’s School of Knee-Down

Yeh it was few months back, it was on the forum? I was going to go to the police but the guys that helped me said, if i did there would be nothing they could do, as the guys had ran off, and they said my luck for that day was when they came along at that time, and i make them right…

Was the classic, one steps out in front of you to make you stop sharp while the other goes round to back of you, you cant see what they are doing cos you are looking at the other guy, so he grabs back of bike and sways it hoping to make u slide or fall off? then the other one will grab front to stop bike falling as well, they then have your bike with keys still in it…if they HAD got it, they wouldnt have been able to have stopped it cos they wouldnt have started it again, it wont start with just ignition key?..prob would have ridden it some place and stripped it…

Ive looked out for people ever since though !!!

Glad there was no major damage to you or your bike GP.

Blade… That’s a real horror story eh? Next time run the fecker over

Blade that’s an awul story! So glad your ok. Where did it happen?