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Thank to all who bought the Cookie Monster Cakes :)

So after Alex requested that someone make the cookie monster cupcakes the other week I took him up on the challenge, I made them and decided to sell them for £2 each at the Ace last night to raise a few £’s for LAA.Thank you to all of you who bought one, raised £40 in total, hope you enjoyed them :slight_smile:

Money has now been donated to the LB justgiving page :slight_smile:

Well done Dawnie. I didn’t even get the shits! :hehe:

Although I do have a couple of extras at home… :wink:

well done love! i was amazed at how moist they were…:w00t:

I hope Shauna has hidden those from you fatty!! they are not yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you like my moist muffin do you?? Oh yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if they’re not collected, they will get eaten! lol

Nice one Dawn.

Do you think they’d manage to last a trip here via the Post?


Don’t think they’d travel well, you’ll have to make the epic journey over next time I make them :slight_smile:

Okay then.

However I am due over in a few weeks.

So when is the next batch due?


They look amazing!!! :w00t: What sort of muffin was inside? Chocolate or something else?


And yes they were yummy! We still have two at home as it looks like JC can’t collect… Any takers?

Yeah, and I’m going to teabag one of them… it’ll be like a game of Russian Roulette.
Will you pick the right one???

Seeing as its going to and bike dont like it , Ill collect this evenign thanks !