Thailand through to malaysia

4 days & 3nights ,1500km round trip to do some off roading in malaysia,was a great adventure malaysia has some cracking roads can’t wait to get back there…


Not just the roads that were cracked, the trees and bridges looked in need of a little TLC.

and how many butterflies did you mow down?


Was this planned and organised by yourself?

Wow…looks amazing!

Very jealous…

kevsta,yep planned and organised ourselves, have a mate who lives near the malaysian border he knows some malaysians that did the off road part last year so thats where the idea came from … i have spent more time in thailand than the uk in the last 10 years so easy to do when you stay here not much planning and organising needed just get on the bike and ride.

NT no butterflies where harmed in the making of this video, they where absolutely everywhere

p.s …thats a real 250 bike:)

Very nice!

Are you still out that way?