Am thinking of getting a textile jacket until HG release their new suit range and have found this jacket by buffalo.

Not having any experience of textiles before, can anyone help with what to look for? I do not have the budget for millions of pounds for alipinestars etc… but this seems quite good, and buffalo being fairly reputable.

This jacket seems to have all the armour, waterproof, thermal insulation, and doesnt look too bad. There is no info on its abrasion resistance though and have contacted them direct for info (who knows whether they will reply.)

Peoples thoughts?

Thank yous in advance.



Hey, not used these before - have had Rukka of old and now using HG Taureg GT gear - well made and have served me well for several years now. Handy too because its easy to remove the armour and wash the gear…!

Durability and the usual double stitching - HG has a safety stitch, which is aparantly better than double!!

Hey, cheers.

I hear ya, and was looking in HG yesterday, but am after more of the sport type textile. They didnt really seem to have anything that seemed to offer much in the way of protection. Although one was ok.

hmmmmm decisions.

I have “tested” mine before at 20mph and they worked well. Still wear them and only have a small tear in forarm. Not Buffalo though.

Reply I had from Buffalo themselves :

"Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your enquiry. All Buffalo textile jackets are waterproof

and generally we do not have a problem with leaking. The normal causes

of leaking are incorrect fastening and “wicking” at the sleeve or neck.

If care is taken in these areas then you should not have a problem. The

textiles are normally made from polyester or nylon and they only offer

protection against the elements. We fit CE approved protectors in the

shoulders and elbow which may give some protection to these areas in the

event of an accident although this cannot be guaranteed. With regard to

the conneting zip, this is an 8 inch plastic zip and will fit most

trousers that zip from left to right. If your trousers are different to

this then it is quite easy for any good tailor to change the jacket zip

to fit. If I can be of any further assistance, then please do not

hesitate to contact me.


Robert Glockle"

No one can guarantee complete accident protection, but this doesnt instill me with that much confidence… maybe leather is unbeatable? Considering the range that buffalo appear to offer, I would have thought that their jackets would offer more abrasion resitance… the price you pay I guess.

Someone posted up a note about Teknics stuff; they had had an off and wrote to say thanks to the manufacturer - Teknics sent a voucher for £100 quid off I think…cannot find the thread now but they seemed really happy with the gear. Small tear on shoulder I think…broken collerbone (not much will stop that!) but gear held up well - could be worth a hunt on the net!

Good call Jerome, think the thread was in recommendations, I remember reading that.

Also known as name and shame, although, like you, I can no longer find the thread.

Here’s the thread!


Many thank you’s kim.

I have Frank Thomas textiles, I use to work everyday. They are warm and 100% waterproof, only thing I find with most jackets is the velcro round the neck is either not long enough when u have neck warmer on, or scratches you to hell when you dont.

Have had a 30mph hour spill with no ill effects, armour worked well and very little damage to jacket and trousers. For normal use I’d def wear leathers, they give far more spill protection, but for protection from the rain and snow textiles are far superior!

we got the tricky 2 jacket in at HG which is meant to be a ‘Sports textile’ (not as good as the tricky 1 IMO but still good) and the new XCR jacket is also sports orientated (but a wee bit pricy)
i dont think theres much new textile stuff coming out this year now, got some new leathers due out soon mind

Go for an Alpinestars textile jacket, wak Thomas is just wak, the Tricky range is very nice as far as sporty textiles go, but Alpinestars will have you looking good, keep you dry and they are about as sporty as your going to get while maintaining street cred

(A/Stars may get damp after a long ride but you’ll be looking good)

Thanks for your comments guys.

Lots of conflicts between FT, HG and various others.

Reap was in HG at the weekend, after a new two piece, their celtic range has finished (a right bugga as the jacket fit perfect but no pants in blue in the whole of the UK or Germany that fit) but there should be a new range after the bike show… apparently.

Hear you on the Alpinestars, just quite pricey, having said that the trickey 2 seems more expensive that Alpinestar textiles.

  1. Tricky 2

  2. Alpinestars

  3. HG jacket I was looking at

Think I am going to visit a couple of shops at the weekend to see what seems best on saturday.

This jacket is only meant to be a sort of temporary when I am not in the mood for full leathers substitute until HG release their new leather range.

Again, thanks for your comments.




Tricky 2 is a lot, lot better than A/star just doesn’t look as good or have the brand name, but come to think of it that A/star jacket does not look that great either (and I own it) problem with A/star is the textiles and bottom of the range leathers all look the same

Went with this one after many different shops trying stuff on and looking at quality and protection.

Frank Thomas Sting Aqua Jacket. Full armour and removable thermal liner. Apparently waterproof, but I didnt buy it for that.

Thanks for all the advice given, much appreciated.

Just a shame that “she” didnt come with it!



Drei, nice one on the link mate, I didnt think about going abroad!!!

Only problem is, you can never really guarantee the safety ratings, although, from the same company I am sure it is the same.

I will deffo look at this!

Nice one.