textiles pants

Hey, wondering if anyone can shed some light.

Looking for some textiles pants to go over my work trousers, but also need the protection if I come off.

I have a choice of going to HG and Infinity which one would be best for me?

I could go to both but I don’t the time as I need them for 2morr morning. :frowning:

Many Thanks

HG are better value for money
but you can find some good (cheap) deals at Inf

it also depends where you are… some infinity have loads of stock

Aldi! Might be a bit late now though…

Thanks Guys

I’m near the Hanger Lane, both HG and Infinity are close too me…

I’ve got a budget off around £80-£130 would I be able to buy a decent pair?

check both of the online stores to get an idea of what you want :wink:



then phone up to ask if they have what you want in your size (ps add 1 size if you want to wear trousers underneath)

itll save you grief

The only person I know who wears his pants over his work trousers is this guy

Sorry, couldnt help it:D


J&S New Malden still had their 20% off sale last week so presumably it is still on. They always have a large range of clothing.


J&S have large stock but not that close to you. The other that I’d suggest is George White in Slough. They have a factory outlet and a large selection so sure you’ll be able to pick up lots within your budget.

Agreed, it is a good shop for choice :slight_smile:

I got a pair of Spada trousers from Infinity Hangar Lane. Been out in all sorts of weather with them and they’ve been great. I wear them on my daily commute over my work trousers and they’re pretty comfortable. If I remember correctly I paid less than £80 for them, so good value.

Forgetting where you get them, protection is all down to specs. and accessories.

Cordura is probably the best abrasion resistant outer shell stuff commonly availble. The higher the dennier number the better.

There are several decent water proofing systems in use, all much of a muchness. It’s always the seam stitching that leaks by my experience.

CE approved knee and hip armour are well worth having. Read sensible. The soft stuff is the most comfortable.

Detachable thermal liners are well worth having if your not just a sunny day rider.

Don’t ignore Frank Thomas “Aqua Force” stuff just cos it’s FT. It’s prety good.

Last. There are real bargains in this stuff to be had at the BMF show in Peterborough. (End of May.) It’s where us tightwads go. 80 quid will get you a whole suit.

Is it all new gear being sold in the BMF show? Does the show come down to London as well? Cheers oldguy.


I went to HG last night and got textiles for £120 including Hip armour… but the staff showed me a pair for £150 and as I’m more for the protection… I may pop back in and ask whats the difference in safety between the both…

This is what I’ve got http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/shop/product_info.php/cPath/1_2_99/products_id/3189

But want to see the difference in protection in this http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/shop/product_info.php/cPath/1_2_99/products_id/6655


Hello :smiley:

No not much about the protection m8 but them Atlas pants are part of new stock this year,

Good value for HG gore tex,… gore tex was way more money in HG stores unti the new pants came out this year, They had sheltex the cheaper version on gox tex in there line below gore tex

Them jake pants are more like Jeans I think , maybe different material

not Cordura??

Like oldguy said , ask them the about Cordura and thickness or if its made of it!

The material of the atlas pants look alot more like there other pants on offer, dont think the jake pants did

Hope you got some boots while you were there too :smiley:


BMF show is a whole mix of stuff (and sh*t). Some is brand new, just last years styles/colours. Some is sold by manufacturers as “seconds” so you have to check carefully. (Frank Thomas particularly.) Some is stock vendors just want to shift to get some money/make room for new stock. Some is just show people who just shift lots of stuff quickly in large volume to make a very small profit each deal but a lot overall.

All in all, it’s a tightwads paradise.

Pity it’s not nearer London. The journey is a yawn if your coming from south of the river.

Thanks… :smiley:

Went to HG yesterday and tbh got great advice… the pants for £150 are goretex and will survive is the heaven open.

The £120 pants are sheltex and will survive the light rain etc… tbh I’m not going to be riding in the heavy rain so there is no need for me for the £150.

Both offer same protection but the difference is the goretex…

I came back with what I brought in the first place and also got a great deal on boots… which I again debating because I found another pair (this always happened, never can make up my mind ahhhhhhhhhh:w00t::w00t::w00t:

Many Thanks for all yaaa help guys :slight_smile: