Textile riding suits

Looking forward to the better weather and future ability to go places, I’ve got a few questions about textile riding gear.

Jacket length. Who makes shorter jackets? I’ve got a low end Alpinestars jacket which needs unzipping at the bottom when I sit down. Seems like a bad design for a pursuit where most time is spent sitting.

Is the Rukka and Klim stuff worth the crazy prices?

What do you wear on a summer trip to southern Europe where all types of weather could be experienced? Back in the day I wore leather but full black textile suits could be just as hot.


Only your wallet knows. It is beautifully designed and exceptionally well made but it is made from mere earthly materials: the laminate layer of Goretex will eventually delaminate, as has happened on my partner’s Rukka jacket. She now wears a Sports Direct cheapo waterproof shell over it on wet days.

As for the question: what should I wear? There are as many answers as there are folk.

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For all types of weather I’d wear goretex. I’ve been happy with my dainese sets so far.

But if we’re talking 30+ degree riding, I’d struggle in them

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I’ve got a Revit jacket that’s fine when sitting down. It’s what classed as a Sport cut instead of a Touring/ADV type jacket which tend to be 3/4 length.
Alpinestars make them as well - https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_cat/975/(4;product_rating;DESC;0-0;m00-14-123;778)

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As a commuter, I got fed up with gear that leaked so bit the bullet and got a Rukka suit. I must have had it around 8 years and it’s never let in a drip. It’s got the weird zipless zip and that failed but it’s got a life time guarantee and was easily resolved.

Mine’s not got Outlast which my previous Halvarssons suit had and I miss it. It can get warm. For European touring I check the weather/temps and decide on textiles or if warmer leathers or my mesh gear and then take an all in one oversuit for the rain or cold.