Textile Jacket


I’ve got a Hein Gericke textile jacket. I’ve had it since last winter and it could probably do with a wash now. However, my missus accidently threw out the blurb that it came with and I’ve had no joy on the website in terms of cleaning instructions. There’s nowt on the jacket. I would nip over to Stockwell to ask, but I’m on nights until next week and I’d rather get it done ASAP.

I’d imagine it’s a case of removing the armour and putting it on a cool wash? It’s mainly the inside that could do with a spruce - the outside’s in decent nick.

Could anyone help us out?


In general with breathable waterproof materials you want a cool wash with no softener and a relatively slow spin. No tumble drying or the like, obviously.

Don’t use any fancy detergents. A simple soap solution should be all you need.

if not sure then hand wash in lukewarm water using something like baby shampoo

You can wash textiles in the washing machine on the lowest temperature setting using Nikwax Tech Wash to clean it and then Nikwax TX direct to waterproof. It really works and leaves your jacket smelling fresh plus your zips will slide smoothly due to the layer of wax. If you clean your textile jeans in this manner too than your arse will slide about on your seat for a bit.

Ebay is a good place to pick up Nikwax products.

Cheers chaps. I think I’ll handwash with a smidgen of non-bio detergent.

Here’s another question that may help settle a bet. A lad in work reckons you can wash the jacket with the armour in (I’ve got it on the arms and a back protector). I’m thinking he’s talking chuff.

Waddya think?

Don’t know about washing with the armour in.

But for extra cleaning and proofing, nip up to camping shops like Millets or Black’s and take a look at the Nikwax range. They make wash in cleaners suitable for Gotex and Cordura, that also re proof the waterproof-ness-ness. Around £8 a bottle and you should get 3 washes out of one of those

Good stuff, been using it for years. You can get it at Hein Gericke and it does great job of cleaning textile jackets. Delicate wash at 30°C, and take the armour out.

What’s it made of?

If it is polyester or nylon it will be fine in a 40 degree wash with your regular bio detergent.

I would take the armour out tho’

I’d suggest an extra rinse if you are planning to waterproof it afterwards.

If it is Gore-tex (or similar) then check out the Gore-tex website as it will benefit from tumble drying - as this is important in retaining the water repellant properties. Read up on doing this first though as it may not be the case with your jacket and it may melt!.

The breathability of fabrics (like Gore tex) is impaired by using fabric softeners or some proofing compounds.


Never use bio detergents as they can clog the pores in waterproof membranes, use NikWax Goretex wash. And certainly never tumble try. Let them dry naturally.

Err, have to disagree with you there mate.

‘Bio’ detergents contain enzymes which break down protein and fat based stains in clothes. They do not ‘clog’ the pores in breathable fibres.

The breathability of fibres is compromised by lipids (fats) which are found in softeners and many proofing products.

Gore-tex specifically recommend the use of tumble drying to restore the DWR (durable water repellent) coating applied to their products. I agree tumble drying should be used with caution on most (non-gore-tex) textiles but to say ‘never tumble dry’ is not correct.



i make jimshoe right, i washed my DPM gortex over trousers same way plenty of times, and tumble dried them…still waterproof!:smiley:

I take my textiles and put them in the shower with me and just sprinkle some shampoo over it. Not sure if this is a bad idea but its been ok so far.

Took the armour out and the inner jacket and have put that in the washing machine.

Not too sure about washing the rest of the jacket yet, as only the inner jacket was getting all sweaty etc. The rest seems to be quite clean.

Washing textiles is in reality nothing to worry about . . .

They are made of tough non absorbent fabrics (nylons, polyesters etc); the only thing to worry about is if they have leather patches or specialist fibres (like Goretex, Keprotec etc) that need ‘unusual’ treatments (like tumble drying) to get the best from them.

Things to ‘worry’ about washing are things like wool, cashmere, alpaca etc etc

By comparison, bike gear is bomb proof!