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Hi All…

Been a few years since I took a four day intensive with bike test included in Wembley…:wink:

A friend at work asked me today if I thought around £900 was good for six day intensive (to ride any bike).

I have absolutely no idea about the current test situation apart from hearing about the ‘swerve’ issue…:w00t:

So really looking for any tips/advice or recommendations you can make for me to pass on to him.



I am going to be looking to complete my test probably next month and although I haven’t looked at prices recently they seem a bit steep to me! I hope they aren’t that much as if they are I will be waiting!

That sounds excessive to me. Paid about £400 for 4 days 18 months ago (from memory)

That does sound a trifle steep.

I paid around £650 for a six-day course (CBT to DAS pass) this time last year.

I did mine DAS just over a month ago at North london motorcycle training for £510 for 4 days but a 6 days (CBT to DAS) only £705. here is the link and check it out



Cheers Dan…

I’ll send him the link…


Be careful to check whats included - some riding schools exclude test fees where as others include them, this can sometimes make them look a little cheaper.

Thats a very good point…i’ve paid £500 for 4 days incuding tests.

the northing motorcyle training include everything.