Testing New Camera Angle...

Put the GoPro on the Air Duct on the R1, so it just high enough to see over the fairing but still vibrated too much.

Making a helmet version next week just to see…


I’m looking for some advice on where I can put my GoPro.

One option is to buy a RAM mount and have it come up from my handlebars. Only £30, so not too bad. Gives a few options, like pointing back towards me.

If I was to use the sticky pad mount/clips, I have 3 ideas…

A - Perhaps the best view. Could be clipped on facing me too. Down side, big black stick on mount right at the front of the bike.

B - Good view, the black mount would blend in better to the black background. Probably just the one viewing angle, which might actually be hard to get it pointing right ahead.

C - On the back curve means it wouldn’t be very visible. Might be an interesting point of view too. This is perhaps a favourite at the moment.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Postion C would be interesting view, I’ve always liked the low down camera angles when they are racing.

BTW Nice video Jewell :smiley:

shame it stopped streaming after 2.32…which road was that? :smiley:

Here are a few of the places I have put my Drift and a few of the images taken with them although due to a lack of clearance, the ‘below headlights’ location won’t get used much!

The Drift can be rotated to any angle in it’s clip so you can essentially get all angles (although some might be pointless).

Prepare for the image onslaught!













I’m going to have a proper look when it’s dry and I can be out there mucking around with it, but it looks like there’s not enough room for C actually. :frowning: