Test rode this bad boy today

1st impressions on a 20 mile ride.

Ridiculously tall 1st gear (I backed off at over 100 mph) and the bike just revved out.

Super fast turn in (I almost dropped it :smiley: )

Smooth power delivery…No way near as aggressive as the GSX-R.

Flimsy screen that wobbles.

Brakes lack bite.

Small but more comfortable than my GSX-R.

Nice bike…No real wow factor bar the the crazy rev engine, but I could ride it all day with no probs.

that screen looks ridiculous

I like it but for the mirrors, they stick out too far.

100 in 1st??!??!

my bike only does 125 in 6th :laugh::stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t these programmed with a special guided targeting system for hedges and bushes?

Looks nice, but agree with the comment about the mirrors.

I was at the launch when they was first bringing them out and everyone there was saying about the screen being flimsy and what it was like at high speeds

only thing on it that didlt like

If they keep shaving anything more off these things they’ll be nothing left!

The 2020 zx10 will just be a set of keys and nothing else . . . . :smiley:

Meh … paint it blue ,paint it red they all look the bloody same these days . It will bland into the London bike bays just fine .

ugly as sin… ZX10R not much better imo. Shame, the old Ninja’s are the best looking of the bunch

What model is it?:blush:

nice id change the screen & mirrors, you all ways put your own mark on a bike tho ha


Sorry just looks like another litre sports bike. Meh.

I disagree (and I’m normally biased towards kawasaki) …I’d say it looks worse than a normal litre sports bike!


If money were no object I like the look of the 2012 ZX14.

Nice succinct review. Makes me wonder why I subscribe to Bike. :satisfied:

Nice succinct review. Makes me wonder why I subscribe to Bike. :satisfied: