Test rode a new Gladius 650 today

Toony and GSXR750_Sam kindly took me out for a little ride around up in Essex today, was great, thanks guys!

I really like the riding position and how easy the Gladius is to ride and think it will be a great first big bike for a few years. I love the black and red version that looks a bit like a monster.

Now I can’t decide if I should buy one new on finance or just get one second hand. Theres not much difference in price going off what I’m seeing on the net atm :ermm:


I think most people will know what I’m gonna say already, avoid the Gladius :w00t:

I rode one for my DAS and I’ve been riding around on one for the last 2 months, so these are just my opinions:

  1. riding position is actually comfortable, good for longer trips
  2. being a naked I found the wind blast even at 70mph a bit much to take continuously and particularly harder when it’s colder
  3. as mentioned, you have less protection from the cold, the engine doesn’t give off much heat so can’t really rely on that to warm your handles slightly
  4. sluggish - to me, the bike feels laboured, but that’s prolly from coming from a daytona :smiley:
  5. the bike feels quite bulky and cumbersome to me and it’s actually pretty heavy (over 200kg dry weight) for a naked I think
  6. most important and prolly should have been mentioned first: BRAKES! These are pretty terrible and that’s not because I’ve used brembo, the brakes on my CBR actually felt more responsive. According to a friend of mine, there’s a problem with the brakes on the likes of the SV and Gladius where the plates get warped after a while? I’m not 100% sure about that but the brakes were a massive issue for me
  7. nice for pillions, I’ve ridden pillion on this bike and it’s pretty comfortable
  8. fuel efficient, this bike definitely gets plenty of mpg and it’s reserve must have at least a good 30 miles in (I speaketh from experience and getting lost…badly)
  9. that turning circle, it’s brilliant, not 125 good but pretty nice for a big bike I think
  10. the seat is nice and low, making it easy to peddle around if you need to and I think it helps with your confidence on the bike

So Yeh, these are just my opinions, people on here with have their own thoughts and tips, the only advice I’d give you is look at a few others, I really don’t think you’ll get a few years out of the gladius :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a good little ride and hats off to Lauren, you would never know she has literally only just passed her test, very confident on the bike and rode really well.

Aww thank you Sam.

Thanks Ruth! Really good points, and has certainly had me thinking, you’re right, while right now this would be a good bike for me, i’m sure in a year or so I’ll be craving something more like your ride haha

At the moment while i’m a bit of a timid rider i think i’m going to go with a cheaper Sv that i can sell on easily later without losing too much money.