Test rode a CB1000R/Transalp today...

…deposit went down 30 minutes later and we are picking them up on Saturday! Wooot!

Thoughts from the CB1000R test ride?

  1. Soooo smooth… both engine and gearbox, hardly any vibes
  2. Little puppy dog at low speeds, but give it some wrist and its grins all round
  3. Mirrors are rubbish. Will be replacing immediately <-- this is the only fault i could pick
  4. Suspension seemed to absorb everything, its so stable

Miss Moly took a Transalp out also, deposit went down on that too, she liked it alot. She says it seems the bike was sculpted just for her a perfect fit and its not too pokey. She felt very safe and liked the high riding position.

Her main thoughts from the Transalp

  1. Very smooth clutch
  2. Generally felt safe and secure and as a first bike thats well important.
  3. She says “its a grandad bike” but she likes it (for the next 12 months anyway)
  4. Possible optional dropped seat may be good, she was on the toes when coming to a stop. Ok when stopped, but not prepared to go for the option seat in case it compromises comfort.

Job done. :w00t:


nice one , like the look of those CB1000’s and everyone i know whos ridden one had nothing but good things to say