Test riding a 125 on CBT - where?

My partner is looking for a 125 commuter, she’s been looking CBF125 and MSX. It does not absolutely have to been one of them, this is just the direction for now.

Called up our local Honda dealer - 1st Line motorcycles in Arnos Grove. They said she can’t test ride a bike when she only has CBT. There needed to be a person from the dealership with her as pillion (not allowed on CBT) and their insurance would not cover her.

So my question. Is there any where (doesn’t have to be Honda) she can test ride a 125 on CBT?

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Umm…really? Must have a pillion? Honda Chiswick let me test ride an S-Wing 125 when I had a CBT that I passed that same morning. They took a copy of my license and CBT and a credit-card to cover the excess (I think £300?) in case anything happens, and let me drive off. I suggest you phone around for a more sensible Honda dealer.

I tried gettimg a test ride on a cbt all said i need a full license

honda chiswick and HGB in ruislip, for sure!, my friend tested a 125 at hgb with only his cbt.

How much value will a test ride have to a CBT holder - what you gonna compare it to?

As your first bike all you need to know its got a wheel at each end and an engine which works and kicks out less than 14.7bhp… :hehe:

You test something like a CG vs a YBR, a CBF and a Varadero and you will tell the difference, even as a first time rider…

It’s not about testing one bike, but multiple option to see what suits.

If its a second hand bike you want to know it all works as it should, the only way to properly know is by means of a road test.

I went to a dealer last Saturday and was refused a test ride on the basis its company policy not to allow test rides, this company policy was introduced due to folk going out on two hour test rides with no apparent interest in a purchase. I told them firmly but fairly no test ride no sale, they relented and allowed me a test ride. I think the problem with test rides on a provisional licences is more of an insurance issue and depends on the extent of the dealers insurance cover. As to any riding of a mo’cycle on a provisional licence with a pillion passenger that’s strictly a no no and clearly that dealer does not know what they are talking about - walk away.

Assuming you’re purchasing a used mo’cycle what to do is to find a mo’cycle she is comfortable on and can reach and operate all the controls comfortably, including pulling it on/off the centre stand. Then if she’s happy with that you test ride it to make sure everything, engine, clutch, transmission, brakes and the like all do what they should. If buying new there’s really little need for a test ride as everything is covered by the warranty, just have a read up on the MCN road tests.

MCN test ride the Honda CBF125 here

I’m glad it’s not all dealers that won’t do test rides!

She’s not that tall, about 170 cm (i think :w00t: ). That’s about 5’6" for you imperial geezers :smiley:
So it has to be bike she can reach the ground.

It think it’s a good idea to test different bikes so she get a feel for them.

Gonna be a second hand, that’s why a test ride is something i want done. I can do the test ride for her (have full bike license) and see that all works as it should. With my limited mechanics skills. But that’s not really the point.

It sounds like a insurance problem with most dealers.

As said, i think we have to make some calls and see what they say.

that’s about as tall as I am, she’s not got anything to worry about in that regard.

Your 5’6 in high heels


Honda Chiswick was very pleasent! They let my partner try 3 different bikes (CBR125, CBF125 and MSX) on the same day.

I was “given” the MSX to begin with so we could switch half way, man that’s a fun little bike!

Nice people and easy atmosphere.

and her preference was …

Are you getting it now or does she have to wait until Christmas?

She was not fond of the CBF.

We both thought the MSX was a really fun bike and like more time on it. It’s short and nimble, 4 speed gear box, very easy handling. But not so good for longer trips, ride outs etc.

The CBR come out on top. It is the most unforgiving of the three, but gave her he best ride. So i think it’s the one we’re looking at :slight_smile:

Neat! Honda Chiswick are a nice bunch of people.