Test Ride This Saturday

Having a huge housing crisis at the moment, so I now need every penny I can muster to raise money for either housing deposits or a mortgage. So looking at my money situation, I’ve decided my Tiger has to go, no point having a mint bike on HP if we are struggling to get a roof over our heads, we all have to make sacrifices I guess.

So, nipping off to my nearest decent dealer on Sat to see what they have. From looking at the web page the only bikes I can afford are

A) 2005 Kwak Z750s

B) 1998 Blade

C) 1999 ZX7r

I’ve booked the Z750 for a test ride, trying to see they will let me loose on the Blade as well.

Really hoping the Blade works out to be honest, but having owned a CBR600f, I found that a little uncomfortable (being a bit leggy and all), so that probably doesn’t bode well for the blade. Apparently the Z750 is a real hoot, but does it have the power? Oh, my other half may need to sit on the back at some point, both look dodgy for pillions.

Would go for a Fazer 1000, but they don’t have anything under 4k!!

Any owners care to shed any light on those and what a lanky streak like me will get along with?

RSV mate, get a good’un (old shape) for 3/3.5 grand …go up to 4 and you can easily get a mint ‘R’ version with lightweight wheels and ohlins suspension…

I am with Ian on this one - no need to sacrifice on performance and style these days for 3 - 4 grand :cool:

I had an '01 Mille a couple of years back and was one hell of a bike and comfy too considering I am 6ft 4ins :w00t:

Make your way over to On Yer Bike in Aylesbury - they will have the models you are already looking into as well as a healthy stock of Mille’s to take a look at :wink:

Looking at their website ( just logged in ) and the bikes you have mentioned I am guessing that it is probably OYB that you are going to anyway ??

1 / '99 ZX7R in silver

2 / '99 Blade in Orange

3 / Z750’s

Just an assumption :wink:

Spooky, thats where I was going to anyway :smiley:

I’ve always had a soft spot for the 97/98 'blade. After owning a 92 'blade I’d definitely have another one, but only as a second bike when I become rich (i.e. in my dreams) :smiley:

Can you really get a decent mille for under £4k? :blink:

Chris - I am going to be there at some point on Saturday - gotta drop into West London Suzuki for an hour at 09:00 to get a part fitted and then gonna pop in at OYB for a " mooch " about - I have bought a couple of bikes from there in the past and always had good service ( especially Liam the sales manager ) If the ZX7R is the one I saw a while back I would have thought they would be up for a good deal as they have had it for ages :wink: I would seriously look at the Mille ( in Yellow ) if funds will stretch that far dude - they are an awesome ride and just that little bit different from the normal " boring " stuff - although all three ( ZX7R and the Blade ) look lovely :wink:

Milleman, which Mille would you recommend?..I think I prefer the sahape of the 04 onwards models although the older ones still look sexy.Which ones ride best?

Afro - my forum name is quite misleading as I have only ever had one so I don’t profess to be the " font of all knowledge " on them :stuck_out_tongue:

However - I loved my '01 Model ( first of the revised models ) - was only a Mille not an " R " but still rocked and the standard suspension seemed to be good enough - the Ohlins / OZ combination on the " R " models is well worth the small premium now though I would think . The new model is not supposed to be quite as " ground breaking " as the old one but I suppose there are more " better " bikes around to compete with it now than when the original was launched .

I must say though that the V Twin is a very deceptive engine in that you don’t actually realise quite how fast you are going as it just seems so effortless .

Once I have got bored of my Gixxer I will deffo be going back ( unless I get another " old model " 01 MY onwards as a track bike )

Probably doesn’t help ?? :hehe:

No it does mate…Cheers.I know what you mean about the deceptive speed…I tested an 06 model around 2 years ago. Was genuinely shocked when I looked down at the speedo and it read 70 MPH. I was in a much slower speed zone.

No probs buddy - May even pop into OYB and try one this w/e ( note to self , must NOT take cheque book :w00t: )


My 2p

I have tall 6’4" mate, he’s owned a zx7r, Mille Factory 07, both fitted him fine.

He’s skint and was thinking of an older style Blade too. But got a 04 zx10r for £4.8k from DK, on the tick.

Your selection of bikes sounds bang on - all ones I would be happy to have in my garage.

Definitely, look on autotrader or ebay, can easily get a <10K 01/02 ‘R’ model for less than £4K, they tend to end up in showrooms and not move, so bargains can be hadAlso Mille owners tend to look after their bikes a bit more, so most are pretty good condition

I reckon I may go for the blade…providing I can get some helibars to save my wrists.

certainly looks pretty nice in the photos - not my cup of tea but then I never have liked Hondas that much :wink:

I’m trying to find someone who has had a pillion on an older blade, I reckon I’ll be ok on it, but I don’t want the missus to think she is sitting in a wind tunnel, like she does on the Tiger.

Cheaper to put her through her CBT :wink:

Already done that…and she has a restricted licence…but she doesn’t ride much anymore due to a couple of spills…one right outside OYB :w00t:

Get back on that horse dude :wink: